Two moon optical illusions

Two moon optical illusions
The Honeymoon

The vintage optical illusion postcard above, with its clever play on words, was described as “Arcimboldesque”.

Two moon optical illusions
“Do you see the sweethearts
in the moon?”

This theatrical poster, for a 1906 performance of The Blue Moon, featured James T. Powers, a popular comic actor and singer from the 1880s to early 1900s.

Two moon optical illusions
This is a detail of Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s painting 
“Vertumnus (Portrait of Rudolf II”), from 1590.

“Arcimboldesque” refers to the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who painted portraits of people made out of other objects, such as fruit and

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METAMORPHIC, “The Honeymoon” lovely couple in moon Fantasy head, Hoogeduinpostcards>>
– James T. Powers in The Blue Moon, U.S. Library of Congress>>
– Guide to the James T. and Rachel Booth Powers Collection, The New-York Historical Society>>

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