Pegasus Theatre does illusions in black and white

Pegasus Theatre does illusions in black and white
It’s not a retouched photo – the woman 
in red is the only colorful person.
She’s with the cast of "It’s Beginning 
to Look a Lot Like Murder."

For over 25 years, Pegasus Theatre in Dallas, Texas has produced shows in their special "Living Black and White" style. Kurt Kleinmann, the playwright and star of the murder mystery shows, refuses to divulge the secret methods the theater company uses to make all the costumes, sets and actors look like they’re from old black and white movies.

Performers are taught not to touch their face or the other actors, and they learn the techniques to apply the silvery makeup that covers any exposed skin. They also learn how to speak without revealing too much of their pink tongues.

Pegasus Theatre does illusions in black and white
The cast and crew of "The Frequency of Death!" 
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