Murdered because of a jockstrap?

Murdered because of a jockstrap?
He was humiliated and wanted revenge.

Carl Ericsson was very angry at Norman Johnson. Earlier, in the Madison High School locker room, Norman, a big time track star, had put a jockstrap on Carl’s head as a joke.

Carl had been stewing about it ever since.

That’s why Carl, wearing a baseball cap, went up to Norm’s house and rang the doorbell. When Norm answered, Carl raised a gun and shot Norm twice in the face.

Norman J. Johnson was killed.

Carl V. Ericsson was caught and charged with first-degree murder. He eventually reached a deal and pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. He was sentenced to life in prison.

A psychiatrist said that Carl had been suffering from anxiety and depression and was suicidal.

One of Norm’s family members shook her head and said:

 "It was just goofing off in a locker room."

Norm was so popular over 600 people attended his funeral.

The thing is, Carl had been stewing about the jockstrap prank for a long time.

Carl is 73 years old, and his victim, Norm, was 72.

Carl said he had been thinking about the humiliating prank in his subconscious for over 50 years.

In court, Carl told his victim’s widow that he was sorry, and said:

"I just wish I could turn the calendar back."

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  1. Norm had it coming. Good for Carl to catch him by surprise.

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