The Jersey license plate flipper

The Jersey license plate flipper
His truck had extremely unauthorized equipment.

A truck driver in Queens, New York decided he didn’t want to pay tolls for a bridge he traveled over, so he came up with an innovative solution.

Since a camera would take photos of vehicles that didn’t pay, using their license plates for identification, Orlando Payano rigged his tractor-trailer truck with a license plate flipper. When he pulled on a wire attached to a cigarette lighter, his plate would flip up and hide. A spring would later snap it back into its correct position.

Unfortunately for Mr. Payano, an officer looking for people with obscured license plates actually witnessed the plate flipping upwards.

The officer’s superior said "This was a terrific catch."

Mr. Payono’s defense was denial: "I don’t have any cable or anything… It’s not true." 

PA: He rigged his rig to beat toll, New York Daily News>>

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