He cheats to kill more people

He cheats to kill more people
It’s only in a video game, but still…

Many people like to play online multi-player video games. But some people don’t like to play just for the fun of the game – they want to win at all costs.

An article at Kotaku profiles a 21-year-old guy who cheats at games like Battlefield or Call of Duty. Is he a super-smart hacker? Nope. He pays a company called Artificial Aiming $25 a month and they provide him with software that lets him win.

Instead of using skill, he uses various cheats that give him easy ways to kill opposing players.

He has an excuse:

"Technically hacking does ruin games… I do feel bad for doing it, ‘cause I know regular legit gamerswhich I once wasjust want to have fun and play the game with their friends. I basically go into servers and hack, because it’s like releasing anger with my job…"

When the group he’d been playing with figured out what he was doing, they banned him:

"It took a few days to sink in as I realized what I had done to the gaming clan I had been with for four or five years… I felt like utter crap. I actually cried for about five minutes, wishing I could go back in time…"

But he kept cheating.

Even when he gets banned by the game makers, he gets a new account and keeps coming back.

The companies that make the games say it’s a never-ending arms race against the companies that make the cheats.

One Shot, One Kill, No Skill: Why a Regular Gamer Started Paying to Cheat at Video Games, Kotaku>>

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