The Chinese mushroom prank

The Chinese mushroom prank
A hand grasps the strange-looking fungus.

Villagers in Liucunbu, China were drilling a new well when they encountered a strange object, a rubbery-looking mushroom.

An investigative news team from "Xi’an Up Close" was called, and reporter Yunfeng Ye arrived with a film crew. In her report, she and a local man speculated on camera about what’s been found, and how they believed it might be a large specimen of a medicinal mushroom called lingzhi. Said Ms. Ye:

"When the Emperor Qin Shi Huang [the First emperor of China] was on the hunt for the secret to longevity, it is said he discovered this lingzhi was the answer."

However, after the TV report was aired, many viewers realized that the supposed mushroom was not a mushroom with the secret to long life.

It was actually a sex toy that could be used for a man’s sexual satisfaction.

The station had to air a humble apology, mentioning that the reporter was "… very young and sheltered."

How did a sex toy get found by well diggers?

Was this an actual case of people in town misidentifying a lost item, or was someone in the town of Liucunbu secretly laughing at a successful "mushroom" prank?

The Chinese mushroom prank
"I can’t believe they fell for it!"

Chinese news team confuses rubber vagina for mushroom

Sex Toy Fools Entire Chinese Village, ABC News>>
The image is a 2004 painting by well-known Chinese artist Yue Munjun, rotated on its side.

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2 thoughts on “The Chinese mushroom prank

  1. Those villagers are smarter than people give them credit for! Great prank!

  2. The best part of the story is they just happened to find a sex toy while "drilling a well." Could "drilling a well" be a Chinese slang phrase related to sex? Anyone know?

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