Beware the Photoshop pranksters

Beware the Photoshop pranksters
"Small graphic request. I think you can 
do this in PS, can someone take 
the headshot out of the picture?"

Many people have photographs they want to alter in some way, but don’t have the skills to do it themselves, so they resort to websites where they ask others if they’ll do the Photoshop image alterations for them for free.

Yet tricksters exist on these sites, and these trolls with Photoshop skills and too much time on their hands pretend to misinterpret the instructions and deliver photos with ridiculous results.

The website Photoshop Troll documents these photos and exchanges.

The guy who posted the above photo of Steve Johnson with a request to remove the headshot gets a reply: 

"I’ll see if I can." 

And then he receives this response:

"I wasn’t sure what you meant exactly, so I did it both ways."

Beware the Photoshop pranksters

Beware the Photoshop pranksters

(Look closely inside the helmet in the second photo.)

More examples at: Photoshop Troll>>

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