A criminal teaches an entrepreneur bitter truths

A criminal teaches an entrepreneur bitter truths
Rajat Gupta was a leader of McKinsey & Company 
and a former Goldman Sachs board member.

Indian entrepreneur Alok Kejriwal explains what he learned from Rajat Gupta, a successful Indian-American businessman convicted of conspiracy and securities fraud:

I heard Rajat Gupta speak as a keynote at the Harvard Business School (HBS) in March 2010. HBS had invited a clutch of Indian entrepreneurs to discuss entrepreneurship in India. And so, why was Rajat Gupta there? Well, he was the most illustrious Indian in the United States!

If you were present at the event, correct me if I am wrong, but I heard Rajat Gupta with a cracked voice. I heard more philosophy than gyaan. (Note: "gyaan" is spiritual knowledge or understanding.) I heard the voice of regret ring out loud. On that particular day, I just assumed that he must’ve had a bad day. But today I am much wiser.

Mr. Kejriwal said he learned "five bitter lessons" from the fall of Mr. Gupta:

  1. Hanging out with criminals turns you criminal.
  2. Listen to your conscience.
  3. If you deny reality, you’re listening to your ego.
  4. When you’re wrong, people abandon you.
  5. Greed can motivate you, but don’t worship it.

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