Why you might not want to lie to the FBI

Why you might not want to lie to the FBI
He claimed his bomb could take down an airliner.

Henry Jones told the Georgia Bureau of Investigation about three men who had hired him to build a bomb to destroy an aircraft.

The agents were skeptical about parts of his story, so Mr. Jones brought them a prototype bomb he had built.

Except there was no terrorist plot. Mr. Jones had made up the whole thing.

News reports do not say why he lied.

Said a U. S. attorney:

"Lying to federal agents has serious consequences…"

Said the FBI:

"Occasionally, for varying motives, the FBI is engaged by individuals who choose to fabricate stories that not only waste valuable investigative resources but can have far-reaching implications if that information were acted on. The FBI cannot and will not tolerate such incidents as was presented in this case."

Mr. Jones got 3 years and 10 months in prison.

Terror hoax lands Georgia man in prison for over two years, Government Security News>>

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