Why Karl’s change of address notice was deceptive

Why Karl's change of address notice was deceptive
Karl Albrecht had his last laugh.

A notice in a local German newspaper notified people that a man named Karl Albrecht, aged 88, had moved to new lodgings in Hamburg.

He invited his friends to a lively celebration at his new home, Plot Bx 65/28C, Olhsdorf-Ruhewald cemetery.

Karl Albrecht was dead.

He wrote his "moving" obituary before he died.

His widow Anastasia said there will be schnapps for the guests, and her husband of 63 years had requested that women wear bright floral dresses, no black.

"My Karl could never stand gloominess," she said.

– German man has last laugh with "new home" obituary, Reuters>>
– „Ich bin umgezogen. Neue Adresse: Friedhof Ohlsdorf" Bild.de>>

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