Why did this angry man shut down a bank?

Why did this angry man shut down a bank?
You might feel a little sympathy for the guy

David Lee Walker was pissed off.

One morning, he went into a Wells Fargo bank in Greeley, Colorado and said he needed a loan for $2,000.

When he was told he couldn’t get the loan, he became irate, started yelling, and closed the loan officer’s door.

He told her she wasn’t going anywhere.

The bank manager saw what was happening and emailed corporate security.

Police got a message about a robbery and hostage situation.

Officers responded, shutting streets and locking down a nearby high school.

Three officers, guns drawn, arrested Mr. Walker.

Why was Mr. Walker so upset?

He had gone into the bank to get a loan so he could collect his winnings on a lottery. He had already paid money to the lottery people and he just needed a little bit more so he could collect his winnings.

The loan officer had to explain to him that this was a scam, and that he had been cheated out of his money.

Mr. Walker had given the lottery scammers over $80,000.

He was ripped off by the advance fee scam, where a victim pays money in advance to get a reward that never comes.

Mr. Walker will probably be charged with a misdemeanor for his behavior at the bank.

Lottery scam victim detained after seeking loan at Greeley bank, The Tribune>>

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