A rotating building illusion that’s not an illusion

A rotating building illusion that's not an illusion
No, it’s not a hole in the 
space-time-building continuum…

What looks like cut-out computer graphic trickery on a building is not trickery at all. It’s sculptor Richard Wilson’s artwork called Turning the Place Over, which was installed on a building in Liverpool, England. From an interview:

Initially seeing the work start to move made me feel almost uneasy!  Was this effect intended?

It only makes one feel uneasy because one is so unfamiliar with seeing architecture move. All architecture vibrates because the planet vibrates but one doesn’t see that and it’s not visible to the human eye. So once you start putting glass and concrete on the move, there is an element of structural daring; this piece is on the first floor and you have to look up to it.

It was all worked out with the help of engineers so even though we weren’t doing anything silly or threatening, I think it just makes people look at it and think ‘my god, how does that work?’; architecture isn’t supposed to move around or leap out of buildings…

Turning the Place Over

– Richard Wilson>>
– Interview with Richard Wilson at Artweb>>

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