The problem of a counterfeit $50 bill

The problem of a counterfeit $50 bill
The front of the bill was off center,
and it didn’t feel like a normal bill.

Lorenzo Gaspar walked into the Quik Mart in Shelbyville, Tennessee and tried to pay for his purchases with a $50 bill.

But he didn’t walk out a free man.

The clerk used a special pen that detects counterfeit bills and it indicated the bill was fake.

Mr. Gaspar was arrested and jailed.

An officer said the front of the bill looked off center and it didn’t feel like a normal bill.
Later, the arresting officer showed the bill to a police evidence technician, who suggested he bring the bill to a bank.

Two different banks examined the bill, using a black light and a magnifying glass.

They determined that the bill was very old, but it was real.

However, very old bills can show up as fake.

Mr. Gaspar was released and the officer apologized for the arrest.

The officer did suggest that he go to a bank and exchange his old bill for a newer one.

Old $50 bill found real, but not before bearer arrested, Shelbyville Times-Gazette>>

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