Pranking the new employee at the pizza place

Pranking the new employee at the pizza place
"This guy was young and eager…"

From ESPN’s Grantland:

I never messed with the new guys too much, beyond serving them their first shift-beer in a sippy cup. Sometimes, while I was teaching them how to toss pies, they would tear a hole in the dough, and I would send them to the walk-in cooler to grab a "dough patch-kit." "Yeah … no … they’re by the stack of butter. No? OK, check behind it. Keep looking, dude they’re back there." Once, though, a couple of my buddies picked out the perfect mark for something way better. This guy was young and eager not eager to be an awesome employee, mind you, but to get in good with the guys who had the best, um … recreational aids. Nice kid, but trying way too hard.

So one night I see this guy coming out of the walk-in cooler with a huge, black garbage bag full of air, taking it out the back door, and releasing the air into the parking lot. Then he’d walk back in, get more air, go back out, release, repeat. A couple of the other cooks had told him that the air in the walk-in was stale, and that it needed to be changed. This poor guy changed the walk-in air one garbage bag at a time for about 10 minutes until no one in the kitchen could hold it together anymore. It was great for us, of course, but completely humiliating for him. I felt just a little bad for him, actually, so after his shift, I treated him to a tall sippy cup of Guinness.

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