The lies of Peter Wall, a liar

The lies of Peter Wall, a liar
"I know you will be interested in me."

A dating story from the UK.

Rebecca Kew, a 25-year-old woman, met Peter Wall, 30-years-old, on a dating site. Here’s what Mr. Wall said about himself:

I helped catch the notorious gunman Derrick Bird. (He killed 12 innocent people in a shooting spree in the UK in 2010.)

And also Raoul Moat, who shot three people.

The British Secret Intelligence Service has been trying to recruit me.

I used to be an army commando.

I caught wild animals for a popular TV program.

Oh, and my step-dad’s a gangster.

When I was in the army, I was an artillery captain and received an award for my service in Afghanistan.

My family doesn’t live around here. They’re in Australia, except for my dad who passed on. And my twin sister who sadly died in a car crash before she turned 21. I caught the driver who did it and beat him up, but they never convicted me.

And I saved my whole family from a house fire.

When I was eight.

I used to be a professional rugby player.

I earn £4,000 pounds a month.

My friend committed suicide. Can I borrow some money to go to his funeral?

Mr. Wall moved into Ms. Kew’s family’s home because he said he’d been hit by a car and was in the hospital and his mother from Australia had been diverted to America and…

He kept asking her to pay for things.

He said he loved her.

Things didn’t work out.

After he moved out, Ms. Kew did a little internet research and discovered that most of what he said was untrue, and he had previous convictions for similar deceptions.

Of all the things that Mr. Wall said about himself, which ones were true?

Well, Mr. Wall had been a private in the army.

Ms. Kew lost £2,854.59 pounds to Mr. Wall. (That’s around $4,600 U. S. dollars.)

Now in a new relationship, Mr. Wall conned his new girlfriend out of £1,700 pounds for an Australian trip because his mom was dead (she wasn’t, and didn’t live in Australia). He stole a Rolex from her, as well.

He was charged with crimes relating to both Ms. Kew and his new girlfriend.

At his trial, his attorney said:

"Mr. Wall did it because he didn’t think she would be interested in the real him."

He was told that after he is released from 12 months in jail, he must not use dating websites any more.

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