I won! I won! (The US Airlines letter scam)

I won! I won! (The US Airlines letter scam)
Because if it was called "SCAM Airlines"
you’d probably toss it right away.

I recently received a letter. It said that I "qualified for an award of 2 roundtrip tickets… The retail value of this award is up to $1,298.00."

My address was handwritten on the envelope in blue ink. There was no
return address. It was sent from Phoenix, Arizona, with a letterhead
that says US Airlines.

I did a search for "US Airlines" and discovered this web page (usairlinesletter, at the conveniently named "usairlinesletter"), which said it is "The Unofficial Site About the Letter from US Airlines".

Usairlinesletter tells me:

Have you recently been the recipient of a letter from US Airlines or any other airline company that offered you free or complimentary tickets?… grab your chance to avail them as it will cost you absolutely nothing.

One problem, though. There is no airline called "US Airlines". There is a US Airways airline based out of Arizona, so you might be confused into thinking it’s the same, but it’s not.

So what’s this letter about?

It’s deceptive marketing, if not an actual scam. You might receive your airline tickets if you attend a presentation and pay for a travel membership package, or pay them for "fees and taxes."

It’s similar to what’s called an "advance fee scam", where you must pay a fee before you can get what someone is offering you, whether it’s to apply for a job or get the money you supposedly won in a contest.

The usairlinesletter website is an attempt to boost the ranking of a search for "usairlinesletter" to make it look more legitimate.

If you want to search for more info on the internet, search under "us airlines scam". But to save you the trouble, here are the stories of hundreds of people who got a similar letter:

– US Airlines Award Notification…scam? Fodors>>
– US Airlines Scam: Roundtrip Tickets, Travel Anywhere in the Continental U.S. Hubpages>>
– US Airlines Scam For 2 Roundtrip Tickets, The Unemployed Mom>>
– Is this a scam? "US Airlines" is offering me two roundtrip airline tickets, Christopher Elliot>>

What the letter said:

NOTE: You must respond no later than (A DATE WAS HERE)

Dear Robert,

am pleased to inform you that you have qualified for an award of 2
roundtrip airline tickets. Congratulations. These tickets are valid for
travel anywhere in the Continental U.S. from any major international
airport. The retail value of this award is up to $1,298.00. Certain
restrictions apply.

We have attempted contacting you several
times without success. This is our last attempt. If we do not hear from
you soon, we may need to issue the ticket vouchers to the alternate.

Please call me today at 1-866-353-3242.

Lois Adams
Vice President
GM- 26101

Here’s another one of my posts about the letter, which includes a video on the scam made by 9News Denver:

– More on the US Airlines scam letter, Deceptology>>

NOTE: The similarly named and real airline "US Airways" has also been used in a scam:

The scam involves an email containing a phony itinerary for a flight
reservation the recipient never actually made. The email contains a link
to "check-in" online for the flight, a fake confirmation code, and
flight details. The phishing scam is deceiving because it looks
authentic, even including the US Airways logo.

For more info, see this link at the Better Business Bureau: New Phishing Scam Contains Fake US Airways Itinerary>>

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175 thoughts on “I won! I won! (The US Airlines letter scam)

  1. Got the letter, knew it was a ridiculous offer, looked it up for a scam, found the info and laughed. Dummy! Who did they think they were kidding? No moss grows on this old broad!

  2. had to laugh, just got the letter. knew it was a scam from the get go…not very sophisticated are they? in our household we have one lawyer and an airline employee…so we get free airtravel and legal advice all in one..,,,sagest, wisest and timeless advice,,,,NOTHING is ever REALLY FREE and if its too good to be true…it really is. Don’t call them, they’ll then have your telephone number.

  3. Yep, I got one, too. I knew no ailine by that name and figured it was a scam. Looked it up online (love the internet !) And got this site. Added the letter to my recycle bin with a smile.

  4. Thanks All….I also got hand written envelope from US Airlines letter dated July 15th stating I had qualified for two round trip tickets for $1,198. For those interested in comparing letters, it was sent from a person named Ali Reed, Vice President. The phone # was 1-866-207-3806. This was sent to the Denver area with no return address.

  5. Just rec’d letter as well – Letterhead reads "American" with a some half-a$$ed logo. Handwritten address on envelope, signed in blue ink by "Jill Ace" Vice President. Phone listed is 1-866-293-4572. Thank you, Internet!

  6. Economic times must be hard even for scammers, my "voucher check" was only for $1,198.00. Down from $1,298.00

  7. Letter reads "US Airlines" signed in blue by "Melanie Carter" $1,198.00 Phone listed 1 866 487-8757

  8. Got the same letter. Not sure why these guys cant be caught. How can they have so many different Ph#’s?Where are the cyber police? Catch these idiots and save the rest of us time wasted opening the bogus mail.

  9. Just got mine in Utah in 16 August 2013.

    $1,198.00 signed by Juli Cole in blue ink, phone 1-866-417-8537

    Banner only says… ‘American’

  10. They aren’t handwritten – its a font on MS Word and printed on a color printer

  11. My envelope’s handwritten for sure–slanty and irregular unlike any other font in existence. Not sure about "Julie Cole"–looks like same handwriting though. Somebodys/-bodies got writers bump…

  12. got ours today in Georgia…..award amount was $1398.00 and was font signed "Elise Warren", phone 1-855-879-8217. Presorted paid from Tampa, FL. Banner says US Airlines.

  13. Hello All! We got the same $1398.00 award of two round trip tickets from US AIRLINES (to be used ANYWHERE in the Continental US!), AND a two night stay at one of over 1000 Marriott Hotels!! Aren’t we just the lucky ones? But because of our slack and inconsiderate inability to psychically read minds and know that they’ve been after us like pigs rooting for truffles, Elise Warren’s anxious attempts to contact us have thus gone unanswered. Only today, they finally cracked the code and tracked us down! Living in the wilderness (on the island that was incidentally used to film "Lost"), as we have been for several decades now, we’re so difficult to locate that it was by a sheer miracle that she found us at all! Too bad we are now so down to the wire on time, that this was their FINAL attempt and LAST missive. Heeding not the ominous warning (that if we don’t get in touch with them within 10-days our offer will go awry), I tragically and rather shamelessly chucked their letter in the trash. Oh, (I bemoan), what horrific maladies shall befall me now? I have surely tempted the gods to smite me thusly – with such a willful disregard for US AIRLINES’ wondrous gift of charity! And so, this fake, phony, imaginary, made-up, phishing, scamming, lying, scheming crap-flap award – just may have to go to some other sad, pathetic sack – ah, I mean "lucky winner". Alas (sigh), this letter was her last resort! So sorry Elise Warren – Guest Services Manager of Wonderland, B.S. Operator of Oz, or Douchebag Vice-President of Never-Neverland – you will NOT HEAR FROM US = EVER.

  14. Got the same letter today. Now signed by Mia Hale Vice President. No return address on the envelope, looks like female hand writing in blue for my address. mailed from Phoenix 9/9/13. US AIRLINES… Which one? Maybe I should call to clarify. I want to fly to Phoenix lol.
    But on the upside thanks for supporting USPS for 46cts

  15. I got the same letter today. This one is signed by Mia Hale, Vice president. Same info as above. What a scam! I hope people check it out and realize there isn’t a US Airlines, and don’t fall for this scam.

  16. Me too, Mia must have gotten a big promotion as she is listed on my letter too. I knew I hadn’t registered for anything and knew that there is no US Airlines. I wish there was somewhere to kick them that it would hurt.

  17. Thanks for the info. "Elise Warren" sent a letter to my parents house and I can now tell my dad that the letter that looks "legit" isn’t!

  18. The one that came to my address was sent to someone who died 8 years ago and never lived here.

  19. I got one… hahahahahah my dumb wife actually thought she really won hahahahahahahah she actually wanted to call them hahahaha what a dumb ass … did I say my wife? she is my ex wife after that. I cant continue living with an idiot!!!!

  20. Well that Elise Warren sure does get around in the south! Got my letter today here in Florida and I was laughing as I was reading it while speaking to my Mom who stated she had received 4 of these same letters from Elise in less then 2 weeks. Mine came in presorted mail. Just so you all know how presorted mail works. This is from the U.S. Post Office Official website:

    Presort Bureaus and Letter Shops

    Presort bureaus and letter shops specialize in preparing bulk mailings for customers. Some of these businesses will do it all for you — everything from creating your mailpiece through dropping it off at the Post Office. You can find these businesses by doing a web search or looking in the yellow pages under "letter shops," "mailing services," or "printing." Use Business Mail 101 to learn whatโ€™s involved in preparing a bulk mailing, then check with a few presort bureaus or letter shops to see what services they offer. Compare your costs and efforts in preparing the mailing yourself to the costs of paying a vendor to do some or all of the work for you.

    Software Vendors

    Many companies sell "presort software," which is special computer software that presorts your addresses, figures out how many mailpieces will qualify for which postage prices, and prints out a completed postage statement. Presort software can cost anywhere from about $100 (for simple packages) to thousands of dollars (for very sophisticated software). You can find presort software at your local office supply store. Look for software that is "PAVE certified" — that means that the software has been tested and approved by the Postal Service.

    Address List Vendors

    There are companies-list vendors-that collect and sell information about consumers and businesses. You can buy or rent a mailing list from a vendor to target your intended audience.

    Don’t waste your money!

  21. Just got mine. Says Fly the US Airlines at the top, then lists US Air, American Airlines, Southwest, United Airlines, Delta and Jet Blue in the subheading; no logos. Signed by Elise Warren, Guest Services Manager. My value was $1,398, as it also included 2 nights at any one of over 1000 Marriott Hotels. Telephone number to call: 855-879-8217

  22. I received the same exact one today. Straight to the garbage.

  23. $1,398.00 ditto letter, gonna show it to my wife when she gets home. I doubt she’ll bite, she’s the cautious one. But if she does I’ll laugh. Elise Warren your a crafty one. haha

  24. This stinks! As I called and made my 90 minute appt. I just didn’t feel right about it. So what next?I googled US airlines and Scam came up. As I called to cancel my appt. I told the lady that I was not going. Then she asked why. I said because it’s a scam!!!!!!!! As her reply was, well you can’t believe everything on the internet. Really……. then she hung the phone up!

  25. Got mine today and promptly filed it into the square and plastic lined file cabinet in my kitchen. I like to file things like that, along with old wrappers, food scraps, kitty litter and anything else that I find as valuable as this offer… So sad!

  26. I just got my offer dated November 20th, 2013. Just wanted to check it out since I’m always entering sweepstakes and that’s what brought my to this page. I had a hunch it was bogus but wanted to be sure.. Nice try "Elise Warren, Guest Services Manager".

  27. I got one from "Benson Norris" company, for up to $1350 from Juli Rue VP

  28. Got my letter today (3/19/13)- Handwritten envelope, no return address, not even sealed! and the "letterhead" simply had Benson Norris across the top. Really? Do they honestly think we are that stupid? I know some people do fall for such ridiculous scams and I pity those fools but who in their right mind would respond to something that has no address and no company info?? Time to feed this to my pig (shredder)

  29. The reason you received the travel award is actually based on your travel purchase history. There is a travel agency in your area doing a travel-related promotion so they are trying to reach a certain target audience that travels… and due to your purchase history, your name fell into that category. (Keep in mind that a travel-related purchase can be anything from those little fingernail clippers and tweezers you bought in a ‘travel’ pouch, to the purse you bought that rang up as ‘luggage’ the other day.)

    The letters you all received are coming from a company called Vacation Tours USA, a marketing/advertising company that is hired by different travel agencies throughout the US. They work with about 10-20 agencies in 27 different states to help promote their companies and lure ‘travelers’ into purchasing a travel club memberships. They have purchased information on COUPLES between the ages of 30 and 70 who have made some sort of travel-related purchase within the last 12 months. (You can thank Equifax for providing them with your information!) Vacation Tours sends out their mail pieces accordingly and they are purposefully written to mimic the real US Airways so that people will actually respond to them.

    People call in about the tickets thinking they have won them but the catch is, in order to claim the tickets, you have to sit through a 90 minute sales presentation for a travel company in your area. The presentation is usually half marketing/ half comedy, it’s actually a lot of fun if you like to travel. There are no high pressure sales techniques used at the presentation because they are hoping that you tell your family and friends about them and possibly use their services to save you money on future travel. So no big deal, right?

    Wrong! You would have to be a member in order to use their services and the membership fee is $4,000+. You literally spend MORE using their services than what you would if you made your own travel arrangements. But what about the "free" airline tickets you earned for sitting through their 90 minute presentation? Well, you will be given a travel voucher that has to be redeemed within a year of the day you got it. The travel voucher claims to work with ALL the US Airlines, they are good for two round-trip airfares. You have to pay all of your taxes and fees at the time of the flight, and the only restrictions are the blackout dates. The blackout dates are 7 days before and 7 days after a holiday which means means 316 days of the 365 days out of the year, are blacked out! There are so many hoops to jump through and so much paperwork to fill out that by the time you actually find a date that isn’t blacked-out, the vouchers are null and void because it has been over a year since you got them. Only 2 people out of a 100 actually get to fly, which makes this operation legal.

  30. Great background info. Thank you!

    Received my letter in the mail today. It reeked of fraud and scam and after doing a simple Google, lo and behold.

  31. sounds like you are in cohoots with the scam artists? i have much better ways to spend my time than listening to some jerk go on about a sales scam.

  32. To the previous poster: Someone goes out of their way to post the real scam behind this, and then you call them a jerk and say your time is wasted? I guess the internet is full of ungrateful idiots.

  33. Maybe the person calling the person a "jerk" is taking a break from sending their scam from Nigeria?

  34. To the "Anonymous" who replied on June 8, 2013, at 10:20 AM ("sounds like you are in cohoots …"), you are truly dumb — a real donkey. Obviously, you did not read the entire entry; it appears that, instead, you skimmed over the first few lines, then flew off the handle about the writer [allegedly] being in cohoots with the scam artists. In reality, the writer was trying to do you and the rest of the world a favor. If you would have finished reading the entry, you would know that the writer was warning everyone about the scam. In fact, as someone else already pointed out, the writer provided MUCH MORE information about the scam than the actual article! So, again, I say to you, Anonymous, you are truly dumb — a real donkey. Have fun stiring stuff up on the internet!

  35. Got my letter today. Have learned to look ALL THESE TYPES OF LETTERS UP FOR SCAM BEFORE EVEN BELIEVING THEM. Then I post the scam on FB for all my friends, and friends of friends, and so on. If everyone who got these letters followed this rule and did such posts, then perhaps these scams wouldn’t pack such a punch.

  36. Got the letter today and I must say it looked obvious that this was some scam. I googled ‘US Airlines’ and the very first hit was about the scam.

  37. Got this letter today. They’ve gotten better. Name printed on the type of envelope where you must tear off the ends along the perforations and then open it with the letter inside. Same text. Screamed scam pretty loudly.
    So they are still trying with better envelopes and addresses now.

  38. Mine is the same envelope format with a check voucher inside that has to be claimed in less than two weeks. They were even dumb enough to have it issued with the wrong last name. I had mine changed seven months ago in my decree and I’ve flown four times this year so far with my current name. Wish it were real but free flights don’t come easy!

  39. I got mine today. Identical to what’s explained in the above article. Total scam. The phone number on it is 1-800-398-2183. I’ve wasted enough time on this already, and I’m not about to call.

  40. Another "too good to be true". As they say "A fool is born every minute" so I guess somebody will fall for this and the PO will get a few cents for delivery.

  41. I received the "letter" today, May 9, 2013! Cheap envelope with no return address, postmarked Phoenix AZ. The letter stating I won 2 tickets worth $ 1350.00 was signed by Juli Kyler, Vice President, and to call 1-866-294-8171. Sorry, I am a Customer Service Representative and I read FRAUD right from the envelope! Nobody gives you something for NOTHING!!!!

  42. Why isn’t this considered mail fraud? Or at least false advertising?

  43. Hahahahah… I received the same one today. Plain envelope , no return address. Sent from Arizona…. hello Juli Kyler how are you doing ? You should search your name on Google(only if you are existed) )

  44. Mine just arrived with today’s mail.
    How beautifully ironic that it was sent by a vice president named
    Dana Kline, who signed as D Kline!

  45. Got mine today too…called 1 855 879 8217 asked to speak to Dana Kline…was told she was unavailable…the lady I talked to was not happy when I told her I was reporting them as a scam…

  46. Received same letter postmarked, May 14, 2013 from Phoenix AZ here to Austin, TX. Signed Juli Kyler, VP with a phone number of 866-400-9785. Thanks for the post, this helps us all!!

  47. No doubt this is a scam and maybe they did get their data by purchasing information on my recent purchases but I’m not part of a COUPLE, nor have I been for a very long time. Not sure where you got your info, person who commented on April 2, but these are clearly bottom feeders, wherever they came from. Just ignore it and hopefully they will eventually go away.

  48. Got one today, too. Same text as above and signed D. Kline. Phone number is 1-855-879-8217.

  49. JUST got this in the mail today… they must have liked me? Upped my value to $1,350.00

  50. Must be due to inflation, my ticket award is up to $1398.00. Call number is 1-855-879-8217. Claim number is: 59-001-6439 from Dana Kline.

    Very short time limit, mine expires June 2nd.

  51. Mine’s $1398.00, too. It’s not inflation. We’re just special.

  52. This is the second time I’ve received this type letter stating I qualify for an award of 2 round trip airline tickets, retail value of $1,198.00. Please call me today at 1-866-684-5218. This is the second time this type letter has entered my shredder. I don’t believe in Free Stuff out of the blue. In the end you pay.

  53. I guess I’m not as special as some of you. Mine was only $1198. From "American" (not "American Airlines"). Phoenix postmark, no return address (which should be the first clue). I guess someone’s dumb enough to fall for this to make it worth their postage.

  54. Yep, I guess the award is losing value. Got mine today and it’s only $1198.00. It looked totally bogus as soon as I pulled it out of the mailbox. It had a regular postage stamp (not metered), no return address, my name/address was hand written and it was postmarked out of Phoenix. It screamed "junk mail" as soon as I saw it.

    Mine was signed "Sue Grey" in blue ink. They seem to have a lot of Vice Presidents … Sue is a VP also! "She" also has a different phone number from those posted above … 1-866-233-0331

    It just took a trip to the shredder.


  55. My letter came today from Sue Grey as well. However, yet a different phone number 1.866.233.2329

  56. June 13 2013 at 12:30 am.
    I work at Vacation Tours USA as a agent. Yes, I am one of the people that answer the phones when people call to to ask about their letter. All of you are right, it is all a big SCAM. This company lies, steals, and tells people anything to get their money. Not only do they cheat the many, many callers who still believe their are good people out there but what they do to their workers is horrible. First, they hire us with the intention we will make from $500 to $850 plus a week. More like $255 a week. There is a base pay plus a bonus for every person that attends the "open house". Well this is all a lie. We never get to see the outcome of who went, who bought into the club, if they set another appointment time, ect ect. This makes me very uncomfortable. So I started calling back my customers that I felt went. Then I stared demanding a print out every week of who showed up and who did not and why. My first 5 phone calls proved that what I thought was happening surely is. All 5 went and received their packet of gifts, however I was told they did not go. They find many reasons to NQ people so in return we do not get paid. This way I can never reach a number high enough to make "the big bucks". So I guess some of you would say its carma, what goes around comes back at you. Please let me tell you after a heard the horror stories of what a couple people went through at the open house I cried on the phone. Everyone was so very kind, understanding and concerned.I have not confronted the company yet, and yes Im still working there. Do I want to? Not at all. Do I need to? Yes, so I can put food on the table for my kids and keep a roof over our heads. Will all this madness from a scam company who has no morals keep on moving forward? Yes, I believe they will and they will keep using their workers till one finds out too much and is fired, or maybe worse. Thank you for listening to me. I really am a good hearted, kind and loving woman. I pray every night that I do not hurt anyone with the work I do, for now. God Bless. Just for reference our so called Vice President Dana Kline is all fake. The phone number is 855-879-8217. If anyone has the correct contacts to shut them down please, feel free to do so. Love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

  57. Received a letter today dated 6/12/13 for 2 round-trip airline tickets and 2 nights at a Marriott Hotel, valued at up to $1,398, signed by Elise Warren, Guest Services Manager. Scam telephone number 1-855-879-8217. I’m annoyed that these scams persist. I will never get back the 10 minutes I just wasted opening and reading their stupid letter and googling "us airlines scam."

  58. Received a letter today.

    They have changed the letterhead to American and the value of the tickets has dropped to 1198.

    It was from Ali Dunn Vice President, 1-866-243-8616. (same blue ink) it said we needed to reply by the 19th. Too late, Oh well. I filed a complaint with the USPS. Obvious scam.

  59. Got mine yesterday from Keli Cole, Vice President of US Airlines for $1,198.00. I thought it was odd there was no address on the letterhead. Scumbags.

  60. I received this same letter yesterday. I cannot believe people fall for this. SMH.

  61. Mine arrived today…but I didn’t get a check. I feel so left out.

    My question is this. Does ANYONE actually respond to these letters other than reporters looking for a SCAM story? I mean, it’s got to cost something to photocopy the letters, buy envelopes, pay for postage, and pay slave wages to the idiot Vice Presidents to answer the incoming phone calls.

    I’ll never get a phone call from them because I bought a Call Blocker from http://www.digitone.com and I block all OPX phone calls (the ones that are listed as UNAVAILABLE with no number on Caller-ID) along with all numbers from 888, 877, 866, 855, 202, 212, area codes.

  62. Hi all,

    I see that in my letter Jen Meade has been promoted to a Vice President. I think she probably slept her way to the top…but that’s beside the point. I hate these kind of scams. Has anyone contacted any government agency that can get them for doing this?

  63. This is awesome. I LOVE the interwebs. Scammers don’t stand a chance. I knew it was crap when I received it but it’s really nice to know I wasn’t alone!!!

  64. Glad I checked site out. When it sounds too good to be true, it is.

  65. How is this NOT mail fraud? A fictitious company send out fake ‘offers’ to scam people out of their personal information and money?

    I got the letter after destroying two previous "checks" for free airfare. Lots of red flags on the letter, more so than on the checks they sent earlier. My letter was from V.P. Keli Cole, worth $1,198.00 and had phone number to cal 1-866-248-7358….

  66. Got mine. Says American on top new 866 # signed Ali Crane. With a K-234582
    Like to know whom sold my address. A holes

  67. I received a letter addressed to someone who doesn’t live there…Brandon Smith so, they don’t know who I am. I am also a talk radio host and will call this number on my program live. Should be fun! My letter was signed in blue ink by Juli West, VP 1-866-277-4501 It came from Phoenix too.
    Richard Hoch http://www.wsnjam.com

  68. My letter is also from VP Ali Crane from "American", postmarked out of Phoenix and worth up to $1198.00. The number is 866-272-7990.

    If you happen to work for this outfit, find a different job already. There is no excuse to assist in this type of practice. For your own sake get out!

  69. I also got a letter today from "Ali Crane" with American as the "letterhead". It was also worth $1198 and the number 1-866-272-7987. I knew it was a scam as soon as I saw the envelope.

  70. I got my letter too…. Only good thing about it? The stamp on the envelope was pretty….

  71. I got a letter, also. It was dated July 1st, 2013. Not July 1, 2013, it actually had 1st? It has US Airlines at the top, but no address on the letterhead. it is signed by Juli West as Vice President and gave me until today to respond. They obviously are not stopping any time soon.

  72. Received same letter yesterday. It has American in a plain black font at top (doesn’t even say airlines) and is dated July 1st, 2013 also. Same no return address, but Arizona postal stamp.
    "I am pleased to inform you that you have qualified for an award of 2 roundtrip airline tickets. Congratulations. These tickets are valid for travel anywhere in the continental U.S. from any major international airport. The retail value of this award is up to $1198.00 Certain restrictions apply. We have attempted contacting you several times without success. This is our last attempt. If we do not hear from you soon, we may need to issue the ticket vouchers to the alternate. Please call me today at 1-866-272-7990. Regards, Ali Crane(s/s) Vice President" and "NOTE: You must respond no later than July 10th, 2013."
    I knew it was a scam and found this thread when I Googled it, but I called the number listed to verify some of the info found here. I spoke with a very nice woman, but when I asked the name of the company, I wasn’t actually given a name – just that they were a "travel award redemption service". She did verify that the names and addresses they got were obtained through some form of travel purchase I may have made – even up to several years prior. She told me that it was her job to take these phone calls and to set up a time for me to stop in and "pick up" the travel vouchers at a local travel service (in my case in Fargo, ND), where they would give me a presentation of their offerings and services – but I was under no obligation. She then gave me a website to go to (www.featuredtravel.com) if I wanted to check the legitimacy (her words!) of the offer and a more direct phone # (1-866-232-2002) to call back if I wished to set up that time. When I asked if she received any sort of royalty or bonus for the number of people she gets to sign up, she replied that she, personally, got paid hourly (and very well) and it would have no impact on her. When I started asking more questions – such as the blackout restrictions talked about in previous posts or the actual company Ali Crane was supposed to be Vice President of – she suddenly had no more information! I was told I could set up a time to meet with the travel service sending out the promotion to get any further info. When asked about the urgent deadline of July 10th, I was told that there was actually 3 weeks before the "appointments" and if I set it up anytime before that it was fine.

    So they are sending out these letters in target areas, then having someone go to a local city to handle the "appointments". It is NOT a local travel agency – it is a "travel service" which is just a scam to get you to sign up for their service (in which case they get money). You get no voucher unless you go to your "appointment" and listen to presentation. If you get your voucher, you may or may not find ANY date on ANY airline for which there is no blackout prior to expiration of the voucher. I did not harrass her as I know she is just doing the job she’s paid to do – but I sure wish I could harrass the people paying her to do it!
    I D. Kline(d) the offer…

  73. I wish I had asked why mine was only worth $1198 when some people’s letters stated up to $1300+. I feel so cheated…lol

  74. thanks for posting this… helping people avoid scams is always good!

  75. Got my letter today, July 11, 2013. Came from a company "American" and was signed in blue ink by "Ali Crane, Vice President". New call number is 1-866-698-4074. There was no return address but was post marked out of Phoenix AZ 852 and was addressed by hand writing my address. Everything about this screams scam!

  76. Btw – the envelope isn’t hand written. It is just a font to look hand written. Note that all the letters are written the same each time. Every ‘e’ and ‘a’ identical to the others.

  77. I got a letter today, mine is from "American", postmark is Phoenix with no return address, too. Signed by Ali Crane also but the number on my letter is 1-866-664-8832. I’m half tempted to call repeatedly and waste their time as much as possible just for fun-sies.

  78. Yep, I got one too!! "US Airlines" the postal service should be proud to deliver this junk mail.
    Even if it is a legitimate company why would we trust them, be proud of who you are and put your name and address on the letter.

  79. Same American letter, sent to an address I haven’t lived at in over two years and my first name is spelled wrong. Phone is 1-866-358-0304.

  80. I rip right through any "unsolicited" you have won mail crap. I don’t use a land line anymore – but when I did – if I received a telemarketer phone call – I would say … "one moment while I get my checkbook" and set the phone down. Tick-tock tick-tock –

  81. I JUST got this letter. The funny thing was it said, "You must reply by July, 24." – which just so happens to be tomorrow.

    The other funny thing is the letter says something to the effect of, "We have been unable to reach you." And this is just BS, it’s as if Google doesn’t exist. ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. Mine is worth 1,398 signed by Elise Warren, Guest Services Manager and includes two nights to marriott hotel locations…

    Thanks for the help everyone.

  83. Just received mine today –

    Same as above:
    Phone 855-879-8217
    Value: $1398.00
    Timing: 10 days from July 24th (or the vouchers will be awarded to an alternate)
    Contact person: Elise Warren

    As someone pointed out earlier – love the internet to help screen out these scams……(of course this one was so obviously fake – it was hardly worth the effort to check) Kinda fun to read other’s take on it though…..

  84. All I have to say is thank god for google and good people. Putting the signature persons name in google took me right to the scam notices

  85. You gotta feel for the idiots that fall for this stuff. Must be a tough life.

  86. Well, what do know…they now have a new VP! Her name is Jill Ace. I’ve qualified for an award of 2 roundtrip tickets, valued at $1,198.00. Oh, and you’ve tried to contact me several times? Without success? Last attempt? Aww…that’s too bad! No, I’m not going to contact you at 1-866-360-9213. Yeah…this one is heading right to the trash can.

  87. I’m starting to think that this is a great company to work for as everyone there is quickly promoted to VP!

    My VP is Amy Dae and her number is 1-866-296-0078. Sadly, she only offered me a value of $1198 unlike some of you lucky people. Otherwise, same letter from US Airlines with fakey handwritten font on envelope.

  88. Can the person who allegedly works at this company please post the real name of the company? I find no record of Vacation Tours USA—I’ll add that it is a bit disheartening that you CONTINUE TO WORK THERE given all that you know about the company–i.e. that they are defrauding people. You’re unethical for continuing on given all that you know. Anyway, more info about the company (address, legal entity name) would be helpful.

  89. My letter was of the tear-off-the-sides type, postage provided by presorted postage paid permit #78 at Tampa, FL.

    They have a one-page website at vacationtoursusa.com. The whole page is a single image and if you click anywhere it will open an email to [email protected], which you are directed to use to send them your contact information. Or you can call them at 1-866-333-4063.

    The administrative contact for the domain is:
    Millennium Travel
    [email protected]
    2900 S.. Nova Rd., Ste 3
    Daytona Beach, FL 32119

    Google maps shows that location to be a small strip mall, with no signage for Vacation Tours USA, so it’s probably just where a web server is located.

    The Florida Department of State shows several companies with names starting "Millennium travel…" (and some with incorrectly-spelled ‘Millenium’). The only one that is active is Millennium Travel and Promotions, Inc., formed in 2000 and located at
    SUITE 115
    which is a condo complex.

    CAUTION: So far, this is not conclusive evidence that this particular registered business is the same as the one operating the website shown above, but read on…

    The Better Business Bureau of central Florida rates Millennium Travel and Promotions Inc. (Phone: 386-763-5780) as ‘F’, citing 126 complaints within the last 3 years. The complaints center around presentations made for travel, followed by payment, then failure to provide the promised services and lengthy delays in refunding money when appropriate.

    The Directors of this company are:
    Karen E. Armand
    Tony J. Armand
    Henry J. Armand

    Searching on these names reveals a court case brought by the state of North Carolina (13CV007209) in 2013 against this company and these individuals, alleging unfair and deceptive business practices related to "sales, marketing, and operation of a vacation club…". Among the exhibits of advertising provided is a letter that matches the ones being discussed here. The phone number matches the letter I received, thus tying this company to these letters. The exhibit letter is signed ‘Dana Kline’.
    This case, which is apparently still open, is one of 191 actions against travel scammers recently filed under the direction of the Federal Trade Commission. Unfortunately, most of the relief granted is in the form of "don’t do that again" or warnings to consumers.

    Let the buyer beware.

  90. Thanks "Anonymous" for all that research.
    I too got the letter; in fact, I got TWO of them.
    The first really cracked me up because the date was August 12th, 5731.
    Ann Joy was the VP who signed, same maybe-real, maybe-font, blue handwriting on envelope, ph. no. 866-426-7982, code no. 112-019-536.
    THEN – lucky me received the 2nd envelope, address in different blue maybe-handwritten lettering on the usual unmarked envelope sent from Phoenix AZ. This time they got the date right, VP Ann Joy’s blue signature was different, same ph. no. 866-426-7982, code no. now 112-038-023.
    Best thing – it cost them 96c in postage for the 2 letters.
    Worst thing – I was only offered $1,198 retail value. I feel hurt.
    These letters are so obviously scams that I feel really bad for anyone who is taken in.
    Thanks also to Natalie Nelson for your comment and contact info.

  91. LoL…I got TWO Identical letters today from ‘US Airlines’….no letterhead on the envelope and a poor attempt on the letter, hand-written name/adress…with the excact same offer. Both with the same name…’Amy Dae’….each with entirely different signatures. !!!LOL!!! I used these letters to line by litter-box, which is the only use and value of this offer.

  92. Sad to think that some poor people get duped into calling and participating in these predatory marketing, quick-money style heists.

    Rad that that good people like ya’ll generate blog content where a more savvy recipient of this junk can simply search for the phone number, the fake "VP" name, or other data points found in the letter and find resources (like this blog post and really great discussion in the comments) to quickly realize these letters are a scam.

    Kudos to all you interweb-sleuths! ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. Yup, just got exactly the letter described above. Crappy handwriting in blue ink on the envelope, with no return address. First hint something was up.

    My amount was for $1,198 ๐Ÿ™‚ what cheapskates, round that shit up to $2k or I dont want it! haha

  94. oh oops, I mean round that shit up to $1,200 or I don’t want it. Either way, Boooooo these idiots must think we are new.

  95. Our letter was signed by Elise Warren and the amount was $1,398.00. Also it came as a computer generated address very official looking.

  96. August 13th: Scam is still alive and well. My award was valued at $1,198.00, not as much as your value and signed by: "Amy Dae", Vice President. A vice president implies that there is an organization. When I called to ask who they are, they said they are "associated" with US Airlines (a ficticious orgainization). The code number at the bottom of the page is keyed to you. So, who are they?

  97. Hey me too. Nice to know I was not left out of the "thought to be stupid crowd". Thanks scammers for including me too !
    Just go away please and leave us alone. . . .

  98. Tier 3 in Scottsdale is the name of the company that is operating this entire scam around the country, and I have A LOT of information about it, as my friend’s son used to work there! Please message me at [email protected] if you would like to file a complaint. My husband is an attorney and what they are doing is ILLEGAL!

  99. Natalie,

    Please indicate what is involved in filing a complaint? What time and money is required?

    I will email you a copy of the letter I received yesterday which is similar to all the others. These people prey upon the old, poor, greedy and ignorant. The greedy deserve their fate. Preying upon the others is despicable.

  100. I also received the same letter twice, what gave me the red flag was when they say they have attempted to contact me several times on several occasions RED FLAG I’ve been at the same address for the past ten years

  101. Like a moron I called after receiving the letter and even setup the time to supposedly go to their little presentation. But after I finished the call I guess you can say I was left with a funny feeling and I began to finally start searching online for anything that stood out about this. I’m glad I did. Thank You to all who have posted something about this. I just wish the bells went off before I went as far as I did. Not going and sure not wasting my time

  102. Yes we too received a letter with the $1198 "check" which had "Travel Union Scottsdale AZ" on it in addition to "78-580743/879479" below that. It said reference check voucher number 112-185-173". Accompanying note said to call " 1-866-497-5237". Also said "Vacation Getaways and Cruises are available for a limited time". The last name on the "check" had my wife’s last name grossly mis-spelled. It said it must be redeemed by August 26th, 2013.

    Funny thing, a few months ago we got a similar letter from Florida offering an a "free" airline ticket and hotel reservations to any resort as well as cruise for a few days. All we had to do was to go and listen to a presentation to get the ticket. So, since the presentation was in a first class hotel nearby in Newport Beach, CA my wife and I went. There we saw a Power Point presentation offering hotels, cruises, and discounts on timeshares, etc., etc. Each table had a company rep one on one with each small group at each table. We left the table early at the break but got our "authorization" for a free hotel stay and round trip airfare to anywhere in the US. We had to mail that authorization in to Florida with a check for about $5.95 which took about two weeks to get more info which eventually came. Called them and was told the "free" trip and hotel we wanted for a specific date was not eligible since it was within 7 days of a Federal holiday! Although we went through the process to mainly get entertainment it was clearly an incentive to get people to sign up for a travel club which required an annual commitment of maybe $4,000. This presentation got us free refreshments and valet parking at the hotel.

    Most of the people I spoke with at the break were not interested at all and some regretted the trip to the hotel.

    There are sure lots of schemes to separate people and their money. I am sure this "deal" is quite similar.

  103. I’m on a flight to the Bahamas right now! You people are crazy!

    Yeah right. Stupid scam…

  104. HEY All hackers! got my letter from US AIRLINES. It has US Airlines at the top, but no address on the letterhead. it is signed by Juli West as Vice President and gave me until today to respond. At first I did not recognize this as a scam, since I am very gullible about such things. I am a senior citizen now according to the U.S. social security admin. But I did notice that US AIRLINES was not in color! I know my color vision is not so good, according to the U.S. air force, which would not allow me to fly airplanes. Anyways, I really wanted to collect the FREE airline tickets, cuz I need a cheap flight to ARIZONA. But a little birdie, told me to check out the letter, and whoa. This scam alert shouted out in my puter screen. NOw where I put my readin glasses?

  105. Ours said "American" no "Airlines" and a logo approaching the Delta logo.

    Same blue ink on the envelope. Same postmark in Arizona.

    2 roundtrip airline tickets. $1229.00 value.

    Also signed by Juli Cole, Vice President

    Looks totally sketchy, but it is SO strange that it almost makes you think that they wouldn’t do something this bad if it were a scam–which it is. Scam. Scam. Scam.

  106. Ditto letter received just like the one you got. Gee this Juli Cole gets around. One good thing they are supporting the US Postal System buying a lot of stamps.

  107. We are in SLC Utah. Today we recieved letter dated Aug.19, 2013, with American logo, signed, Juli Cole, vice president in blue ink. Retail value of this award is up to $1299.00. Phone 1-866 480-8992. No return address, hand written envelope from Phoenix.

    Didn’t call, checked on internet instead and found this website. Thank you.

  108. Hello All! We got the same $1398.00 award of two round trip tickets from US AIRLINES (to be used ANYWHERE in the Continental US!), AND a two night stay at one of over 1000 Marriott Hotels!! Aren’t we just the lucky ones? But because of our slack and inconsiderate inability to psychically read minds and know that they’ve been after us like pigs rooting for truffles, Elise Warren’s anxious attempts to contact us have thus gone unanswered. Only today, they finally cracked the code and tracked us down! Living in the wilderness (on the island that was incidentally used to film "Lost"), as we have been for several decades now, we’re so difficult to locate that it was by a sheer miracle that she found us at all! Too bad we are now so down to the wire on time, that this was their FINAL attempt and LAST missive. Heeding not the ominous warning (that if we don’t get in touch with them within 10-days our offer will go awry), I tragically and rather shamelessly chucked their letter in the trash. Oh, (I bemoan), what horrific maladies shall befall me now? I have surely tempted the gods to smite me thusly – with such a willful disregard for US AIRLINES’ wondrous gift of charity! And so, this fake, phony, imaginary, made-up, phishing, scamming, lying, scheming crap-flap award – just may have to go to some other sad, pathetic sack – ah, I mean "lucky winner". Alas (sigh), this letter was her last resort! So sorry Elise Warren – Guest Services Manager of Wonderland, B.S. Operator of Oz, or Douchebag Vice-President of Never-Neverland – you will NOT HEAR FROM US = EVER.

  109. I get these in the mail every so often. I call them EVERY time. It is funny to run them all through their spiel. I got a guy on the phone name Solomon today. After going round and round with him, he asked me if I called to redeem vouchers or not. I said, "No, I just called to f*ck with you, but you probably get that a lot". He said, "Yeah, five or six times a day, have a good night bud". He was a decent guy, I hope he gets a chance to find decent work one of these days.

  110. Got the same as above today in the mail. It comes from Tampa.

  111. Just wanted to add confirmation to what you’ve all figured out here. I used to be an employee of Vacation Tours USA, and I can confirm that the offer is indeed a scam. Mind you, when they hire people to staff the phones, they obviously don’t tell them that, so bear in mind that anyone who called VTU about the bogus offer spoke with someone who probably believed it was legit. So don’t judge the phone reps too harshly.

    Yes, technically the offer IS legal, but there’s so many hoops to jump through and hidden fees to pay that most people just give up and write it off as time wasted, which is of course what they want. So, if you get their mailer, obviously pitch it in the garbage and count yourself lucky.

  112. Just got mine! I was overjoyed! I was amazed! I literally jumped so hard that my skyward push caused an involuntary defecation (gravity having not caught up to the pile, yet) of excitement! Unfortunately, I also forgot to take into account that I am over 6-feet tall, and jumping whilst standing directly under a door jamb was not the wisest move. However, despite a radial concussion, I was saved from a broken tail-bone (due to reasserting gravity), largely in thanks to the afore mentioned soft pile on the floor. The head-trauma cause me to think, for one split moment, that maybe I COULD have been the recipient of a truly wonderful, magnificent prize of coach-class, sweaty, boxed-in air travel to any one of literally dozens of exotic destinations in the continental U.S., like Wakeeeney, Kansas (just in time for the annual "freeze you ass off contest")! Then I realized, I had not entered any contest, and therefore, it was unlikely that my name came up as a prize winner. The blue-ink seemingly hand-written address on the envelope was interesting, as somehow it has avoided causing any pen-mark indentations in the paper, whatsoever… this has led me to believe that some magnanimous tooth-fairy of a airline-magnate has somehow invented a magical pen than leaves no trace other than it’s printer-quality ink. In conclusion, bite me.

  113. The VP that signed my letter was "Lexi Coy"… otherwise, it was the same a reported above.

  114. Why couldn’t it be for tickets to Nigeria? I could pick up my millions…

  115. I’ve been getting a letter every 2 weeks from these people. Every time my letter "expires" I get a new one a week later. They can keep wasting their postage lol.

  116. My husband got a letter today from U.S.FLIGHT REWARDS it said to call 855-339-3890 no later than 9/17/13. to receive two round-trip airfares, The notification reward must be certified to be valid. To certify you have to call before the expiration date of 9/17/13. U.S.Flight rewards Department with a reference #. Not signed by anyone and nothing on the envalope.

  117. My wife and I received 2 lovely letters within 6 days of each other. Same as everyone else above except mine are Continental / US and signed by Joan Ben and Jen Day. Called the number just to screw with them. Told them my 8 yr old son knew this was a fake and a scam. Going to the post office in the morning to let them have the letters and file and official complaint. Would love for someone to prosecute these guys.

  118. I just got a letter today from U.S. Airlines for $1,229.00 signed from Mia Hale. Phone number 1-800-753-5871. Hand written envelope addressed from Phoenix, Arizona.

  119. So, l too am in Georgia and got my letter yesterday….they have stepped up their game! Very formal envelope with the fold and tear sides…nothingis hand written…from/signed byElise Warren….it was typed and dated 9/12….rec. 9/14….she must be very close by…lol

  120. We are from Michigan and got our "final Notice" check for $1,229.00. Our check was dated Sept.5, 2013 so it took a while to reach us LOL!! "Janice Fisher" has a real fake handwritten signature too. # to reach them was 1-866-957-5872. I can’t believe in this day and age anyone would fall for this!! I hope no one does and thank goodness for the internet to check these things out if you have any doubts. Gave me my laugh for the day.

  121. I received an award today branded Continental US with all the similar claim code stuff. This was a tear strip mailed from Phoenix in amount of $1229. The phone on mine is 866-957-5350 and Travel Union of Scottsdale, AZ 85251 is listed on the "check". Also had a not so good logo similar to United – the new parent of Continental

  122. Just to add to the pile for people Googling phone numbers/terms. Mine was from ‘Delta Skyrewards’ signed by "VP" Joy Ross. The phone number is 1-866-957-5955 and it was postmarked from Phoenix, AZ with no return address.

  123. Hey! I got mine today – from Tina Dun. Thanks Tina. Unbelievably generous of you.

  124. Same story here in Ohio. Tampa, Florida USPS Permit #78.
    Hope the postal service made money on these.

  125. Got one today, I’m in Northern Utah. Says "Continental" and a logo of a globe, then "US". Check is for $1229, dated Sep. 16th, and signed by "Hazel Davis"

    Phone number on mine is 866-963-9370

  126. Mine arrived today 9/30/2013. Phone no is 866 996 4416 Us Airlines, Check for $1,229.00 Signed by Megan Nielsen. Deadline Oct 10th, 2013. Reassuring to note the fancy tear sides and top to open envelipe was marked "This is not a timeshare or land sales offer.

  127. Oct, 1 2012 just arrived in Central NY for 2 round trip tickets $1,229.00 thank you so much Tina Dun (note only one "n") VP of US Airline … what ever that is.
    No return address, hand placed stamp, lovely hand written name and address in blue ink… I which my bank was so personable, even a hand signature also in blue ink. SCAM WRITTEN ALL OVER IT…

  128. The last time I received one of these I called and played along for awhile. So I guess that this time they retaliated by offering me less than most (only $1,229.00!), I can only hope that Megan Nielson will be good to her word (Fat Chance!), that this is their FINAL OFFER and that they will give my voucher to the alternate.

  129. I called the number and I was happy to say the people were very nice and all I had to do is leave them my credit card information so they could take a small deposit out to hold the tickets for me which they promised to send soon. When I get the tickets I’m going to fly to Nigeria and try to find the Nigerian billionaire who sent me the email promising me $42,000,000 for letting him use my bank account which he overdrew. I’m sure it must have been an accident and he probably lost my email address which is why I never heard from him again. Oh well. I’ll just check my mailbox everyday until I get my tickets…

  130. Just got one in the mail today. Now it says DELTA SKYREWARDS. Same amount…$1,229.00.
    Nice numbers I guess?
    All you need do is look at the postage on these things. If it’s NOT First Class MAIL…it’s a scam!
    Mine is "PRSRTSD", which means it’s presorted.
    "U S POSTAGE"…naturally!
    PAID…I would say about 3 or 3 cents, if that. They send these at a bulk rate, which is extremely cheap.

  131. I just received mine. Its an AWARDS VOUCHER. Voucher Number: 101515. Non-Transferable Retail Value: $1,100 to $1,700. To Claim Awards: 1-888-552-3773.

    Dear Name,

    The awards department has selected you to receive two complimentary round-trip airline tickets to any destination in the continental United States and hotel accommodations for three days and two nights. Also, call 1-888-552-3773 within the next 48 hours and as a special bonus you will receive a $100.00 dining voucher.

    Call Monay through Saturday between 8:00am and 10:00pm or Sunday from 9:00am to 9:00pm. Have your voucher number (above) ready for he reservations operator.

  132. Got mine today in Florida. Really did not know they were trying so desperately to find me. should have talked to the NSA they have drones over my house spying on me everyday. they know where to find me just as every salesperson, charitible organization, scam artist, telemarketer has for years. they need to invest in more research so they can find people without a lot of work. Really. US Airlines must not be doing very well. Plain envelope, hand written, sloppy at that, with no return address.
    I placed the letter in with all the other important correspondence I receive every day from other people who want to give me something I do not want or need.
    Good luck US Airlines-Hope you don’t crash flying upside down and have a nasty crack up.

  133. Thank you for proving to us that this is a SCAM! Received my letter from Elise Warren, called the number, spoke with Malcolm, was told about a 90 minute presentation two hours drive away. Travel Club. No thanks. The funniest thing was the background conversation … definitely not business related.

  134. yeah me too,,, but they aonly have a few availible slots left… all during work hours… do they really think EVERYONE is stupid?? come on…what a bunch of dickheads

  135. I got one today in the mail. I already knew about this scam. There is NO company named US Airlines. No matter what else they say in the letter or on the phone… a pitch that starts with a lie doesn’t turn out well in the end. The envelope looks hand written, but if you look closely it is just a hand-styled font. This one had the toll free number 888-965-1584 on it. (From Monika Boggs, VP)

  136. would any one like to help me get these unscruplous people. i need a adddress so i can sue them.or file charges for fraud..put it in a special comment ," as taking down the scum bags"..

  137. Also got a letter from DELTA SKYREWARDS, $1399, signed by Kathi Cowan Vice President. Phone 1-888-965-1597.

  138. I received my letter today. Nicely printed. Looks legit but of course ALWAYS CHECK THINGS OUT ON THE INTERNET and found this site with caring and sharing people.
    THANKS TO ALL OF YOU who have shared your stories and warned the rest of us.

    My letter is:
    Dated October 29th, 2013
    Signed by Elise Warren, Guest Services Manger
    Phone Number = 1-855-879-8217
    Retail Value = $1398.00
    Gift = 2 RT airline tickets + 2 nt stay at Marriott Hotels

    Again, thanks to everyone who took the time to warn the rest of us.

  139. My letter is: Dated November 1st. 2013 signed by Elise Warren Guest Services Manager ph.nu. 1-855-879-8217 Retail Value=$1398.00 all the same way as the above letter

  140. Here’s another post I wrote about the scam, which includes a video from a Denver news station that investigated the letter: More on the US Airlines scam letter, Deceptology>>

  141. Wow!!! I feel so loved! I received mine in the form of a birthday card. Being that it is two days before mine I’d have to say bravo at least it wasn’t received in January. How do these idiots get all our info? Oh well it I will use it to light the candles on my cake…Thanks for thinking of me SCAMMERS!

  142. I got got my letter. Signed Sherri Keene, and no "duty title." $1,399.00 — shelling out the big bucks this time. Ha. Thanks for the helpful post. I was sure it was a scam but good to get confirmation from so many others.

  143. Yep, got mine today from Elise. Nice of her to keep me in mind for $1,398. But I declined (aka ripping up mail and tossing it).

  144. 11/18/2013. Got my "LUCKY LETTER" today! $1,398.00- 2 round trip tickets to anywhere in the USA, departing from any major international airport, also 2 nights at one of 1000 Marriott Hotels. If they don’t hear from me in 10 days, travel voucher will be awarded to an alternate! "POOR ALTERNATE"! These scammers may have saved their time if they only knew that "I DON"T FLY". Elise, also signed mine. 3:30 PM today. HAPPY HOLIDAYS FOLKS.

  145. Got mine today with 3 days to receive up to $1399 in tickets. It’s from VP Leah Mclain (they sure go through VP’s!) of US Airlines at 1-888-941-4890. Has anyone kept bugging the hell out of them demanding the tickets? I might just go batshit crazy on them for a few days to see what happens. I’ll let y’all know when I land on the beach! lol

  146. Re: The above post (I wrote it!).The more I thought about it, maybe more people should demand their tickets, too. At first, the letter says I "qualify" for the award. Oh boy! Then they attempted to contact me, several times, and this is their last attempt to do so. Or, they are going to issue the (my) "ticket vouchers" to someone else. To my un-feeble mind, I take this to mean that I won if they already issued vouchers to me (if I call in time). And if I’m not mistaken, a voucher is similiar to a receipt, or credit against a purchase. Here’s some defs. of voucher:
    1. a person or thing that vouches.
    2. a document, receipt, stamp, etc., that gives evidence of an expenditure.
    3. a form authorizing a disbursement of cash or a credit against a future purchase or expense.
    4. written authorization; credential.
    5. a piece of evidence or proof.
    Seems like the "certain restrictions apply" were met since the vouchers are awaiting. Send me my damn vouchers!! lol

  147. There’s an article about this scam written by Nick Pappas in a New Mexico paper:

    "After sitting through promised "90-minute" sales presentations that in some cases stretched to three hours, individuals who expressed enough interest were told the cost of joining the travel club was $7,000 to $8,000 – not including an annual fee."

    Read more: โ€˜Freeโ€™ airline travel promotion grounded in deceit, Albuquerque Business Journal

  148. Got my letter today (December 19), letter was dated: December 2, 2013 — from US Airlines. "You must respond no later than December 26th, 2013"

    "The retail value of this award is up to $1399.00".

    Letter signed by "Cynthia Koehn, Vice President"

  149. I just got one today (12-23-13) for $1,399.00 out of Oklahoma City and the check is signed by (get this) Shirley Mclane. LOL…

    The phone # is1-877-542-7557

  150. LOL! I just got it today, December 28, with a note at the top: Note: You must respond no later than December 26th, 2013. Too late! The text was the same as everyone else, but my letter was signed by Elise Warren. The phone # is 855-879-8217.

  151. Got mine the other day, valied at $1,398 so they’re still going at it in the new year. I have until 13 January 2014 to respond. Mine was a folded, tear-strip mailing. Very official looking except the silly looking logo. Mine was all black, no colors. Phone number to call is 855-879-8217 and was signed by Elise Warren, Guest Services Manager.

    I wonder… rather going after these guys, why not go after Marriot, US Air, Southwest Air and Jet Blue (all mentioned in the letter) and create a PR problem for them? My guess is that if there is enough noise, these companies would quickly quash these kinds of scams. Otherwise, it’s kind of like playing "Hammer the Mole". As soon as you hit one (scammer), another one pops up.

  152. I received the same letter Jan. 8, 2014 with folded, tear-strip. Same phone number and Elise Warren.

  153. I received the same letter today. nothing in life is free. It may as well had scam stamped on it.I don’t know where you can get two roundtrip tickets across the country for $1350.00 I wish I could purchase 2 roundtrips for 2 from my home in Al. to Portland, Oregon. lol

  154. Got mine today from Dana Kline. Hello, Dana. Wondering if I should go to their meeting and keep screaming scam during their presentation.

  155. My letter came today signed by Elise Warren Customer Services Manager. Now I’m really offended. I want to be offered a scam by a VP!

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  156. My letter arrived today, also signed by Ali Crane from "American", postmarked out of Phoenix, and worth $1,198.00. Phone number provided was 866-272-7990.

    Who are these people, and how do they sleep at night?

    Thanks everyone for the info.

  157. My question is that the arseholes in Washington are getting all in our personnal business, why don’t they investigate this crooks instead of good old american citixens?

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