How to steal money as a movie cashier

How to steal money as a movie cashier
She sold the tickets… now she’ll pay the penalty.

A young woman in Wisconsin was caught stealing $4,200 from her job as a cashier in a movie theater.

Nicole M. LaFever, 19, used a simple scheme.

When an adult was paying for tickets in cash, instead of ringing up the sale as a $9.50 adult ticket, she would ring it up as a $6 senior ticket, and steal the $3.50 difference.

She wrote down how many adult tickets she had charged the wrong rate, so at the end of the night she could take out that much money before it was counted.

And she only gave out receipts if customers paid with cash.

It’s estimated she took $4,245 in four months.

How was she caught?

One night she forgot to take the extra cash from her drawer before it was counted, and a manager discovered it was $180 over.

The company had become suspicious after one customer who wasn’t a senior citizen complained about getting a senior ticket.

Obviously the movie theater had never wondered why so many seniors were suddenly showing up a the movies.

Ticket scam reportedly cost theater $4,200, The Journal Times, Sturtevant, Wisconsin>>

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