How magicians levitate a woman

How magicians levitate a woman
An ad for Glassex hints that a glass cleaner
is required to make the illusion work.

How magicians levitate a woman
This fake ad for Viagra says that 
it’s not glass cleaner that’s needed.

How magicians levitate a woman
Professional magician Wayne Dobson 
published a book for magicians 
with the same secret revealed, 
so you know it must be true.

Actually, Wayne Dobson’s book "Look, No Hands" contains magic routines where no sleight of hand is required to do the magic. He created this out of necessity because he developed multiple schlerosis and could not rely on his hands to perform.

I did say I was going to expose the secret of levitation. To make up for my lie, here’s a video of a levitation where the secret is fully exposed, but it’s still magic.

The Great Kundalini, Thelemagician
Levitation / Magician Automaton by Thomas Kuntz

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– Glassex Window Cleaner: Magician, Ads of the World>>

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This Japanese woman, she floats, Deceptology>>

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