His mother was dead, but he couldn’t let her die

His mother was dead, but he couldn't let her die
It could have been anyone, but it wasn’t.

After Irene Prusik died at age 73, her son Thomas Parkin pretended she was alive so he could cash her Social Security checks.

He did this for six years, collecting $44,000.

Then, when he couldn’t continue making payments on the home she left him, the place went into foreclosure and was sold at action.

He sued the new owner of the home, saying the auction was invalid because no, you see, his mom was still alive.

Both the owner of the home and Mr. Parkin accused each other of fraud and met with the district attorney to sort it out.

By this time, however, investigators knew that Irene Prusik was dead, yet they went ahead with the meeting.

And Irene Prusik did show up, "wearing a red cardigan, lipstick, manicured nails and breathing through an oxygen tank."

But it was actually a disguised Mr. Parkin, who was unaware that investigators had proof that his mom was dead – a photo of her tombstone.

At his trial, when they showed jurors security footage of Mr. Parkin dressed as his mom, the defense argued that it could have been anyone.

Jurors disagreed and spent less than a day deciding.

He was sent to jail for 13 years.

Brooklyn Man Who Dressed as Dead Mom Sentenced for Fraud, NBC 4 New York>>

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