The gay speech from the crazy blue protesting lady

The gay speech from the crazy blue protesting lady
"Winter Wipe Out show is produced in 
Holland by gays, bis, and orgiers."
An image of the host of the TV show 
"Wipeout", with two large balls

and a flying man.

Citizens in Lincoln, Nebraska were given five minutes to discuss a proposed "Fairness Ordinance," which would give gay and transgendered people more legal rights.

Jane Svoboda stepped up to the microphone.

She’s well-known to many in the community for her views, which she posts on flyers all over town under the title "Paradise on Earth".

In her speech, she discusses her opposition to the proposed law.

The problem is that she’s a schizophrenic, and she’s very likely not on appropriate medication.

Many will have the reaction of the man sitting behind her, who’s outraged and can’t believe the craziness of what she’s saying.

Some will listen to her anti-homosexual arguments and begin to debate why she’s wrong.

Others will find her nuttiness amusing.

She uses language to make arguments that might sound logical at first, but obviously are not.

If you watch her without sound you would never know how bizarre she is. (Well, except for the reaction of the man behind her.)

She’s an amazing example of a broken brain’s faulty, deceptive thinking on an emotional issue.

(Do not watch the following video or read her transcribed speech if you’re disturbed by graphic language or massively disordered thinking.)

Jane Svoboda speaks about a proposed ordinance

The text of her speech: 

I’m Jane Svoboda.

Winter Wipe Out TV show had broken bones and manslaughter every minute.

Winter Wipe Out show is produced in Holland by gays, bis, and orgiers.

Why do gays like to see people perishing!

P-E-N-I-S goes into the anus to rupture intestines.

More a man does this more likely he’ll be a fatality or a homicider.

Getting pleasure while the other man passes away reverberates another homicide later.

UNESCO United Nations has gender and bio-ethics conferences combined.

Only gays go to gender studies.

Gays are the biogenerciders in hospitals.

Children can be eliminated.

The Feds said in the December 11th article the Lincoln Journal Star page six, "Gays should not be employed in hospitals or any health occupation."

Whitney Huston was found without clothes in a bathtub.

Every corpse found without clothes has a partner that did away with them.

Lesbians and gays rarely live past 40 years old because it is common for a partner to do away with them or they self-inflict.

We want everyone to live as long as possible, to be 80 years old instead of 40 years old.

Don’t go gay, it’s not healthy.

Anus licking causes sepsis.

If not given antibiotics within a half hour they perish.

Have no gays in education.

A high percent of gay men in school grounds molest boys, partly because they don’t have AIDS yet.

Be on the side of the innocent boy who gets Fs and Ds a year after being molested.

Don’t allow hundreds of molestations a year with this Equality Ordinance!

Where are our school teachers that should be speaking about this today?

Hilary Clinton’s roommate 4 years in college was Eleanor or "Eldie" Acheson, a gay woman, daughter of Dean Acheson.

To avoid going gay like HilarClinton did, college students need single rooms and single gender dorms.

Going lesbian is not normal.

A college woman is seduced with illegal Rohypnol to go gay otherwise they think it is abhorrent.

Lesbian professors state, quote, wives are enslaved by their husbands, unquote.

All you married councilmen know this is not true and this is deranged thinking.

Have no gays in education.

The Canadian Gaetan Dugas was the first person to get AIDS in 1980.

He depressed his immune system with pot.

He ruptured intestines as his partner became a corpse!

Candida a fungus grows hugely on a corpse!

AIDS is a candida of fungus disease.

Roman senators went to Roman baths to be promiscuous, gay, bis and orgiers, then went to the Coliseum to see Christians get mauled and perish!

Do gays become sadistic, yes!

They cuss after coupling, don’t like the land they lay on and 80% of those who did treason by the year 2000 were gays.

Don’t employ gays in military, education, health or psychology.

They are the genociders, molesters, treasonist, deranged.

Gay’s not a behavior by the waygay is a behavior, it’s not an identity.

Shoplifters don’t make good salespersons.

Gays behaviors aren’t needed for military, education, health and psychology.

Don’t encourage gays.

Do not harm gays.

Gays can transform…

[They announce "One minute"]

I havelet’s seegays can transform to be celibate to live to be 80 years old.

Gay persons want to adopt children.

California Board of Education said last year, "Children in San Francisco had the worst scholastic spelling of all subjects all grade levels.

They cry all day and rape each other hetero without being told not to."

Give us your molested children deranged by seeing only gays kissing.

Don’t ask don’t tell what you do in your bedroom and you’ll be respected for your work.

Read the book Nijinsky to understand the bisexuals always become insane.

A wedding dress is for a woman, not for a man.

Jesus was kissed by Judas, a homo, who tried to sabotage Jesus’s kind ideas.

Do you choose Jesus, a celibate, or Judas, a homo?

You have to choose!

This is the result of a ten year study by over 700 psychologists, PhDs read crisis of generational pursuits at any Lincoln city school.

[She ends. She’s spoken for her allotted five minutes.]

The full text of her speech is from: Jane Svoboda aka Hate Hat Lady addressing the Lincoln City Council, Combatpixies>>

Examples of the flyers Ms. Svoboda posts around Lincoln, Nebraska: Crazy Blue Protesting Lady: about to be famous? Crazy Blue Protesting Lady>>

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