Dunninger reveals 3 secrets of spiritualist magic

Dunninger reveals 3 secrets of spiritualist magic
Publicity material for Dunninger – 
"The Master Mind of Mental Mystery"

Joseph Dunninger was a mentalist and mindreader who began performing magic in the early 1900s, and achieved great success when he performed hypnosis and thought-reading on his radio show in the 1940s.

In this "RKO Pathe Parade" clip, he debunks spiritualists who claimed they could actually contact the dead. He reveals three secrets of fake mediums – how to read the name of a dead person written on a slate, how to apparently burn a client’s money but actually keep the bill intact, and how to cause a table to mysteriously rise, in an expose of "table tilting."

Dunninger’s section on "Spirit Swindles" starts about :30 and lasts until 4:44. (After that is an unrelated segment on that genius of cartoon craft, some guy named Walt Disney.)

Dunninger got lots of free publicity when he exposed the tricks. Of course, none of the tricks he exposed are the ones he used in his act. And although mediums might have been scamming people, they didn’t use these exact methods, either.

Joseph Dunninger exposes Spirit Swindles

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