“But my evil twin did the crime!”

"But my evil twin did the crime!"
The dead twin brother excuse

A man applied for a construction permit in Tennessee. When they ran his driver’s license, they told him he had a federal warrant for his arrest.

Mitch Torbett gave the excuse:

"That’s not me! That’s my twin brother. My twin brother, who’s dead."

Police didn’t believe him. He was locked up for two days as investigators worked to extradite him to Louisiana.

The FBI got involved and ran his fingerprints.

That’s when they discovered he was telling the truth.

He actually was the twin brother of a dead man wanted for a crime.

His dead brother, whose name was Mike Torbett and had died two years ago, had given the name of his brother Mitch as his own when he had been arrested.

Mitch Torbett was released from jail, and intends to file suit against the police:

"If they would’ve trusted me, if they would’ve given me the benefit of the doubt, if they would’ve done that, none of this would’ve happened."

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