“Be my friend,” said Facebook penguin

"Be my friend," said Facebook penguin
Suzy’s Facebook profile photo
was a bunch of penguins.

Suzy Harriston was asking students at Clayton High School, near St. Louis, Misssouri, to be her friend on Facebook.

She had gathered more than 300 friends until someone posted and accused her of not being who she said she was.

Was Suzy actually a pervert trying to be friends with underage students?

An undercover cop looking for drug dealers?

No, Suzy was accused of being the principal of Clayton High School.

After the accusation, "Suzy’s" profile disappeared.

And then the school district announced that the principal, Louise Losos, who had been principal for five years, was going to take a leave of absence. They said nothing about why.

Four weeks later, Ms. Losos resigned.

The administration and Losos "had a fundamental dispute concerning the appropriate use of social media."

They never confirmed or denied, however, that she was "Suzy Harriston".

So why had she set up a fake profile?

It might have been related to football.

The year before, the football coach was fired for violating rules about when high school coaches can contact middle school athletes.

Some of the people opposed to the coach’s firing were the same ones befriended by "Suzy".

Was she spying on opponents? So far, nobody’s talking.

(Or squawking. Or whatever penguins do.)

Clayton High’s principal resigns amid Facebook mystery, STLToday>>

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  1. What sound do penguins make? They bray, honk, or trumpet. Just saying.

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