Why this fake milk tastes salty

Why this fake milk tastes salty
A fake bottle of milk

Anna Warren, who makes props for the Milwaukee Repertory Theater, points out something very true about deception. For one play, she was making props that will only be seen for a brief moment when somebody opens a refrigerator. Since she doesn’t want to spend much time making them, she does it quick and dirty.

She made the fake bottle of milk by pouring salt into a glass milk bottle.

Why this fake milk tastes salty
She made a fake stick of butter by 
cutting a piece of yellow insulation foam 
and putting it into a butter dish.

As she says, it’s all about context:

"…the packaging is the most important part of making fake food look convincing. Salt in a bowl doesn’t look like milk, and a chunk of yellow foam on a chair wouldn’t look like butter. In the right context, however, sometimes all we need is that little nudge to get our brains where they need to go, and often, the simplest solution is the best."

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