A trickster and his horribly racist cake

A trickster and his horribly racist cake
His performance as a nude black woman 
cake with a Golliwog face was successful 

at creating outrage.

Swedish artist Makode Linde created controversy with his cake – an art
piece about the practice of
female genital mutilation, shown at the Museum of Modern art in Sweden.

The cake screams when you cut her

A trickster and his horribly racist cake
The cake was sliced open by the Swedish 
Minister of Culture, Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth.

A trickster and his horribly racist cake
Florence Kate Upton’s 1895 book "The Adventures 
of Two Dutch Dolls and a Golliwogg"

Mr. Linde has used the image of the golliwog in his art, which comes
from the blackface tradition and was popularized by a black doll called a

Said Mr. Linde:

"If people can get
this upset from a woman cutting a cake, can’t they use that energy
towards the real battle towards female genital mutilation," he says. "I
do understand it is a serious subject and when you mix a serious subject
with a light topic like cake people can get upset, but I like humor in
my work because [the topics are] depressing and something I have to deal
with everyday. People drop their defenses when they can joke about

He also explained that he often infuses his
work with a strain of Swedish humor that is very dark and cynical.
"From my point of view this humor is a way to cope with horrible facts,"
he says. "When I’m trying to tell my friends stories of horrible things
I often use some humor to make it palatable." He says Swedes, though he
points out he doesn’t claim to speak for all Swedes, don’t like to take
themselves too seriously.

A trickster and his horribly racist cake
Makode Linde and his "Afromantics" sculptures

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3 thoughts on “A trickster and his horribly racist cake

  1. this disgusses me. it made me feel feel sick just whatching that video of the cake screeming. i mean, why would someone do such a disgusting thing, and it is also completely racist. if poloticians think that gollywogg dolls are racist, they should think again and have a look at this.

  2. How can it be racist? The artist is black. He is trying to shock people to be aware of the reason horrors of female genital mutilation. I think its cool. Actually I’m white (well sort of pinkish) and I have a Gollie from when I was a child and I love him. He isn’t scary.

  3. PS I’m English and have friends of many variations of religion, ethnicity and other views.

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