This man, he’s crazy about his meteorites

This man, he's crazy about his meteorites
In 2010, Steve Curry got on
the news with his rocks.

State prosecutors said Steve Curry must stop selling his bogus meteorites.

Mr. Curry’s business, Uncompahgre Meteorites, and his charity, The Osirius Foundation, have been accused of deceptive trade practices.

Mr. Curry previously claimed he found evidence of extraterrestrial life in his meteorites. Then he tried to sell one of his meteorites on eBay for half a million dollars, and promised 80% tax deductions to the buyers.

He had brought his meteorite specimens to experts at two universities, and then threatened them when they said he didn’t have meteorites.

His rocks are actually man-made carbon steel.

Mr. Curry, age 59, is a self-taught expert who claims there’s a conspiracy. He will sue those who disagree with him. He will sue eBay for $12 billion. He said he will:

"…fight this thing all the way… There is no give up in me."

Yes, he’s crazy about his meteorites.

– Colorado prosecutors say Montrose man peddled bogus meteorites, threatened experts – The Denver Post>>
– Researcher: Proof Of Alien Life – Man Claims To Have Found First North American Lunar Rocks, KJCT8>>

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