The story of a little girl, some trash, and a $20 bill

The story of a little girl, some trash, and a $20 bill
Why did the money get confiscated as evidence?

The mom of an 8-year-old girl said pick up the yard and whoever gets the most trash will earn $5. The girl won, but she had cheated. She went into the yard next door and picked up trash from there.

But she was rewarded when she found a $20 bill. She was so proud she found the money, she said she’d pay for her own field trip at school.

When she brought the bill to school, the principal noticed something was wrong. The bill was counterfeit.

When contacted, the girl’s mother said:

"A $20 bill just there out in the open like that. Where could it have come from? You know? Is there something going on in the neighborhood I don’t know about?"

My guess is the United States Secret Service, which investigates counterfeiting, may also want to know.

Girl takes $20 to school, finds out it’s counterfeit, KSDK>>

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