The prank at the fire station

The prank at the fire station
What were the real intentions of the man with a gun?

Firefighters like to play pranks on each other. The gags help relieve tension, build camaraderie, and poke fun at the new guys.

At a firehouse in Macon, Georgia, a bunch of the guys decided to play a practical joke on some rookies. A masked gunman burst into the firehouse, grabbed a firefighter and took him away.

It was all staged to scare the crap out of the two new guys.

And even though this kind of hazing prank was prohibited by the rules, the rookies might have thought it was funny too, and never told anyone, and nobody else would have found out about it, except…

One guy made a tape of the incident, posted it on YouTube, and included the names of everyone involved.

Some were not amused, especially the fire chief.

Although no crime had been committed, various firefighters and supervisors were suspended, demoted or fired over the incident.

As a rule, pranks that pretend to scare people to death with a gun are probably never a good idea.

Whether they’re filmed or not.

Rookie Prank

Macon firefighter fired, 4 other suspended for ‘robbery’ video, Atlanta Journal Constitution>>

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