Oh my god there’s a girl stuck in the noodle!

Oh my god there's a girl stuck in the noodle!
She became known as the Noodle Girl.

Opposite Wrigley Field in Chicago is a sculpture of a giant noodle.

One Sunday night, a girl named Jessica Morales climbed inside and got stuck inside the hollow part of the noodle sculpture.

A twitter account sent tweets about it throughout the night. Emergency responders responded. Would the fire department have to use the Jaws of Life emergency tool to cut it open and get her out?

A crowd gathered.

That name, "Jessica Morales", said one old guy. It sounds vaguely familiar. Especially "Jessica".

That’s because it was the name of the girl – who’s now married and called Jessica McClure Morales – who was trapped 20 feet down a narrow well when she was a baby.

The 1987 "Baby Jessica" event became a media circus, and spawned TV movies and parodies.

The Noodle Girl was a hoax.

The ends of the Chicago noodle are sealed two feet in, so nobody can get stuck inside.

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