More evidence that school officials are idiots

More evidence that school officials are idiots
The Lawnmower Boys of Arkansas

What’s great, though, is the reaction of the students involved, more evidence that "kids these days" are alright.

A group of Arkansas high school seniors are paying the price for a senior prank involving lawn mowers.

The group of eight Huntsville, Arkansas seniors, now known as the "Lawn Mower Boys," were suspended for riding their lawn mowers to school.

"Everybody talks about doing a senior prank, but nobody ever does it," said Josh Marshall.  "So we just, I don’t know, decided to do it."

The group was suspended for two days after they rode their lawn mowers to school Thursday morning.

Huntsville Superintendent Dr. Robert Allen said there are three reasons for the boys’ suspension.

"Disruption of school," said Allen.  "Safety concerns were another, and then finally the violation of parking privileges."

Allen said he did not want students trying to one-up each other.

"We shouldn’t just ignore it, we did need to do something about it," said Allen.

The boys said their fellow students are protesting their punishment.  Students said they are planning to sell "Lawn Mower Boys" t-shirts with all proceeds going to Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

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