How to drive drunk and not get caught by the cops

How to drive drunk and not get caught by the cops
Could you get away with drunk driving and 
fool the DUI police with a squirt of this product?

Rednoze Action Spray claims to be able to fool alcohol breathalyzers so drunk drivers cannot get caught driving when they’re over the legal limit.

The makers use the slogan "Drink and Go" and advertise it as a way to "protect your privacy" from government intrusion. So far it only seems to be available in Italy. (It might be illegal to import into the U.S.)

The ad copy (via Google translate):

You drank too much and you are beyond the level permitted by law (0.5" g/l)? Now protecting your privacy is no longer a problem.

Rednoze is the first drug designed to control and bring down the level of toxins contained in the lungs of ethanol, with immediate effect and secure.

Rednoze does not need a prescription.

Rednoze Action Spray Commercials (rough cut)

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– Spray anti-etilometro Rednoze, Auto blog, Italy>>
– Svelato il mistero del Rednoze, il farmaco che azzera l’alcol test, Wired, Italy>>
– Drink ‘N’ Go with Rednoze Action Spray [English & Italian], AotP>>

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