How not to fix an airplane

How not to fix an airplane
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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Six former employees of WECO Aerospace Systems, all executives or supervisors at the company, were accused of trying to save money when fixing small airplane parts.

Since these parts were going into aircraft, there were FAA safety regulations they should have  followed.

Instead, the rogue employees instructed other employees:

"Hey, don’t test that… No, you don’t need to inspect that part… Come on, we don’t even have the equipment to test that thing!"

Luckily, none of their "repairs" caused an aircraft to crash.

And yes, they did "fix" one part by inserting an ordinary paper clip.

Obviously, the government thought the charges were serious, since the FBI, Transportation,
Homeland Security, and Defense Departments all worked together on the case.

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(NOTE: All employee conversations are hypothetical.)

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