Don’t believe people, even if they look nice

Don't believe people, even if they look nice
Saman Hasnain won the 2008 
Mrs. Pakistan World beauty pageant.

Mrs. Hasnain and her husband Jawad ran a business in California that offered to modify homeowner’s mortgages by lowering their interest payments.

Her husband also offered investments in a real-estate development.

Said Korina Diaz:

"She was really pretty… She wore a skirt suit, high heels, nylons — like a real good-looking professional lady."

Ms. Diaz had them present information at her home, and 20 of her friends signed up.

The advice they were given was to stop paying on their mortgages so the bank would have an incentive to renegotiate the terms.

However, the couple, who charged $4,500 or more to modify loans, never modified any loans.

And the real-estate investment? It was fake.

The couple spent the money on Mr. Hasnain’s Mercedes, their $2.2 million house, and plastic surgery for Mrs. Hasnain.

Almost 100 families were conned, and many lost their homes.

The Hasnains were charged with multiple felonies, but justice must be delayed.

The couple fled to Pakistan, which has no extradition treaty with the U.S.

Ms. Diaz’s advise to others?

"Not to believe anybody who comes knocking on your door, even if they look nice."

Former Mrs. Pakistan used her striking appearance to scam California families, San Jose Mercury News>>

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