The crazy couple who prank each other

The crazy couple who prank each other
"I’m so proud of our involvement,"
says vintage wax mannequin head.

In 2007, Jess Wellens pranked his girlfriend by daring her to eat a tablespoon full of cinnamon and catching her reaction on video. (Note: Cinnamon doesn’t go down easily.)

He put the video on the internet.

Later, she retaliated by sneaking up on him while he was eating cereal and smacking him in the head with a cookie pan. Also taped and downloaded.

So began their prank wars.

They’ve posted over a hundred videos of their practical jokes at their YouTube channel PrankvsPrank, and gotten millions of hits.

There are too many to show all the best ones, so here’s just a few. (As might be expected, there’s NSFW language as the victims react.)

Cinnamon Prank
Retro #42 – Watch More Funny Videos

How (not) to wake up your girlfriend with a fake head

Girlfriend caught cheating – "Hey, that head looks familiar…"

Firecracker battlefield prank

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