Cell phone bomb scare on plane

Cell phone bomb scare on plane
A Nokia cell phone bomb

A passenger on a Delta Air Lines flight went to use the restroom and discovered something scary. It was a cell phone wrapped in wires, plugged into the outlet normally used for electric shavers.

The passenger reported a cell phone bomb.

The plane made an emergency landing in Dublin and the plane taxied to an isolated section of the airport. Police boarded the plane to investigate.

They discovered that the device in the bathroom was a cell phone left charging in the bathroom by a passenger, with the charging cord wrapped around the phone.

No arrests were made, although it’s highly likely that the passenger who wanted a fully-charged phone might have been advised to, in the future, bring a spare battery for their phone.

(The photo above, taken by a fortunate military Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialist, is of an IED made of a cell phone which did not explode. The screen reads: "01 Call Missed".)

– Delta jet lands in Dublin bomb scare after passenger leaves cell phone charging in restroom, The Washington Post>>
– 01 Call Missed, Little Green Footballs>>

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  1. Even I do agree with you. Should be very conscious about the environment ie., public places. Now-a-days its becoming common about the mobile phone bomb’s. Thanks for recollecting the things again!!

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