The big lie about Spanish prostitutes

The big lie about Spanish prostitutes
"But I think they are having a good time," 
said a young man who recently visited 
Club Paradise, a brothel in Spain.

"…having a good time" is the big lie.

Most of the prostitutes in Spain, where prostitution is legal, are not Spanish; they are brought in illegally from other countries, and the women are held as slaves. From a story in The New York Times:

She had expected a job in a hotel. But when Valentina arrived here two months ago from Romania, the man who helped her get here a man she had considered her boyfriend made it clear that the job was on the side of the road.

He threatened to beat her and to kill her children if she did not comply. And so she stood near a roundabout recently, her hair in a greasy ponytail, charging $40 for intercourse, $27 for oral sex.

"For me, life is finished," she said later that evening, tears running down her face. "I will never forget that I have done this."

Read the article: In Spain, Women Enslaved by a Boom in Brothel Tourism, The New York Times>>

– Image is from the website of Club Paradise>>

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