You don’t prank my golf game, punk!

You don't prank my golf game, punk!
Four telescoping metal golf ball retrievers

Be careful if you pull practical jokes when the victims are armed.

Some teenagers decided to pull a prank one Saturday afternoon on some golfers at the Shalimar Pointe Country Club golf course in Florida. The teens hid near the golf course while some older gentlemen were teeing up at the ninth hole. At the appropriate moment, they blasted an air horn.

The golfers investigated.

When two 71-year old golfers discovered a 15-year-old trying to retrieve his jacket from the scene of the crime, they smacked at him, armed with their telescoping metal golf ball retrievers.

Police were contacted.

Initially, one man denied hitting the teen, until an incriminating video made by the boys was shown.

The teen was not injured, but two golfers, Ronald E. Richardson and Donald E. Nieto, were arrested and charged with cruelty towards a child.

In the video below, the weapons come out at about the one-minute mark.

Golf Course Beatdown

This newsworthy event was a top story on the local TV station: ABC3 WEAR>>
Two charged for striking teen with golf ball retrievers, NWF Daily News>>

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