Why did these UGG boots have two labels?

Why did these UGG boots have two labels?
"No, sir… you see, they say GUG boots,"

said the counterfeiter.

Federal authorities went undercover and broke up a huge smuggling operation that brought in counterfeit goods from China to a port in New Jersey.

The counterfeits included Nike sneakers, Lacoste shirts, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Coach and Gucci handbags, cigarettes, and UGG boots.

The Chinese shippers used fake paperwork, mislabeled the shipping containers, and bribed officials to quickly release the containers from the port. Then the counterfeit goods were transferred to warehouses to be processed to make them look like legitimate products.

My favorite trick was how they disguised the fake UGG boots. The UGG boots had a counterfeit "real’ brand label hidden underneath a label for a no-name product. To create an "UGG" boot, the processors pulled off the fake label to reveal the "real" label underneath.

Even counterfeiters like efficiency.

29 charged in New Jersey counterfeit goods ring, BostonHerald>

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