What is “Doing a Harry Worth”?

What is "Doing a Harry Worth"?
Harry Worth performs his optical illusion.

British comedian Harry Worth started as a ventriloquist until he was advised by the comic duo Laurel and Hardy that he should ditch the dummy and become a stand-up comedian. He’s best remembered for his TV show "Here’s Harry", which ran from 1960-1965.

In the opening credits, he stands behind the angle of a shop window and lifts his leg and flaps his arm so he looks like he’s levitating.

The popular gag became known as a "Harry Worth."

Here’s a rare title clip from his show: The original Harry Worth title (Opens video directly)>>

A fan does his own Harry Worth
(to his wife’s displeasure, which makes it even funnier)

– Television Heaven, Here’s Harry>>
– Harry Worth, Turnipnet>>

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