Watch the Banana Man perform

Watch the Banana Man perform
He produced hundreds of bananas,
and that’s not all...

The Banana Man was a vaudeville clown who performed a surreal prop act with comedy gags, magic, costume changes and hundreds of bananas being produced from a coat.

Adolf Proper, who went by the stage name A. Robins, was the original Banana Man. He created all the props for his act, and later ran his own children’s toy company. In the first video below, he performs his routine in a 1939 short film by Red Skelton called Seeing Red. He died in 1950.

The quality’s not the greatest, so you have to watch carefully to see all the gags.

The original Banana Man, A. Robins (Adolf Proper)

Another performer, Sam Levine, carried on the Banana Man tradition. Here he performs on the children’s TV show Captain Kangaroo in 1969.

The Banana Man on Captain Kangaroo

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