A Victorian tintype photo puzzle

A Victorian tintype photo puzzle
Why are these women facing backwards 
in this photograph?

A Victorian tintype photo puzzle
The entire image,
in its original colors.
(Click to enlarge)

Is this a real photograph? Was it created for a modern ad campaign? Is this a photo taken as a joke to show us what photos look like from the back? Is there some secret cultural reason for the reversal that we’d be surprised to learn about?

There are old photographs that were taken where women completely covered their faces. See my post What are "hidden mother" photographs?>>

Chew on this puzzle a little, then scroll down for the answer. It’s obvious once you learn the secret.

The photo is an actual Victorian tintype, from 1880, of actual women. What they’re doing is showing off their different hairstyles.

Those backward Victorians, The Museum of Ridiculously Interesting Things>>

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