The tragic story of a 9-11 survivor who wasn’t

The tragic story of a 9-11 survivor who wasn't
How did Tania Head survive the 
World Trade Center attacks on 9-11?

An incredible tale of survival from The New York Times:

Tania Head’s story, as shared over the years with reporters, students, friends and hundreds of visitors to ground zero, was a remarkable account of both life and death.

She had, she said, survived the terror attack on the World Trade Center despite having been badly burned when the plane crashed into the upper floors of the south tower.

Crawling through the chaos and carnage on the 78th floor that morning, she said, she encountered a dying man who handed her his inscribed wedding ring, which she later returned to his widow.

Her own life was saved, she said, by a selfless volunteer who stanched the flames on her burning clothes before she was helped down the stairs. It was a journey she said she had the strength to make because she kept thinking of a beautiful white dress she was to wear at her coming marriage ceremony to a man named Dave.

But later she would discover, she said, that Dave, her fiance, and in some versions her husband, had perished in the north tower.

How did she survive such a tragedy? She survived because she was never there.

The 9/11 Faker – 
A documentary by UK’s Channel 4

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  1. I just watched the documentary. Wow. She fooled a group of grieving people because she wanted attention, yet she might have actually helped them, too. Reminds me of people who claim they have cancer to get sympathy from others.

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