Shocking! Blind man gropes artist’s model!

Shocking! Blind man gropes artist's model!
He must touch you to do his art!

Comedy Lab is a UK TV show which showcases new comedies. In 2005, they broadcast the pilot episode of I’m Spazticus, a hidden camera prank show where people with disabilities played jokes on able-bodied victims.

It reminds me of the Belgium show Benidorm Bastards, where victims are surprised by the kind of pranksters pulling off the tricks. See the Deceptology post: Old people prank the young>>

I’m Spazticus was trying to film additional shows in 2012, as part of a series tie-in to the London Paralympic Games, but they got in trouble when they filmed a sequence at a community college where a blind man gropes a naked model.

Shocked classmates called the police.

Said a spokesman for Channel 4:

"During the filming of a prank involving a blind man and an actress playing a life model, who were both in on the joke, some of the art students didn’t see the funny side, so as a gesture of goodwill we won’t be broadcasting the footage."

The college said they were duped into participating, being told that it was a project challenging people’s attitudes about the disabled.

Here’s the pilot for the original I’m Spazticus (Note that this is UK’s Channel 4 TV, so some parts might not be appropriate for Americans.)

I’m Spazticus, 1/4

I’m Spazticus, 2/4

I’m Spazticus, 3/4

I’m Spazticus, 4/4

TV bosses axe naked prank in class, Southend Standard>>

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