Rape prank videos, 4-hour work naps? Bad idea

Rape prank videos, 4-hour work naps? Bad idea
Caught by the news microphone, Jesse said: 
"That’s all words. There’s nothing that’s proven…"

A local news channel discovered that some workers at a school district – a "financially strapped" school district – were posting online pranks and skits on Facebook.

The pranks by maintenance workers were acted out on the job. One worker, Jesse Broussard, posted that he took three and four hour naps. 

Was he telling the truth or making it up?

They investigated Jesse and found his work logs for the days he said he took his naps looked suspiciously empty.

And he and a coworker made fun of prison rape in another online video they made at school.

The two were fired.

Was the school unfair for firing them for silly pranks? I don’t know if Jesse really slept on the job, but if he napped and posted about it, he’s an idiot.

If he was fired just for his practical jokes, he might have chosen a better subject than jailhouse rape, especially since he worked for the school district.

What if he had made videos about how much work the workers had to do, and how they had to cut corners to get it done? Then they would have had a satirical political slant that might have saved him.

But it’s hard for your employer to keep you if seem to be a lazy joker sponging off the taxpayer’s money.

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