“Our college is even better than sex!”

"Our college is even better than sex!"
Our new motto: we won’t screw you.

A local for-profit college in Denver was spanked for deceptiveness by the Colorado Attorney General.

The college wanted students so badly that it inflated its job-placement rates by including students who were free-lance or self-employed as employed, even if they had only worked a few days. 

Recruiters for the school told prospective students: "Of course you’ll earn this much when you graduate!" (you wouldn’t), "Sure, our credits transfer to that school!" (They didn’t), "The GI Bill covers your costs" (no, it didn’t), and "Our school only costs this much!" (it was more expensive).

Westwood College must pay a $4.5 million penalty, and return $2.5 million to students.

They also must abide by new rules that recruiters can no longer be paid for the number of students they bring in.

"Our college is even better than sex!"
The old motto: we will screw you

Colorado Attorney General reaches settlement with Westwood, $2.5 million to be returned to students, Denver>>

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