Optical illusion dots create human forms

Optical illusion dots create human forms
Can you connect the dots and see them?

Joining the Dots, a video installation created by Dublin-born couple Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly, is projected every evening in front of the Kerry County Museum in Tralee, Ireland.

This moving illusion takes advantage of our brain’s ability to create human forms from a minimum of information.

Joining the Dots, an installation

An extract from Joining the Dots (without the street)

I think Cleary and Connolly were inspired by the following two amazing films – Laurel and Hardy’s dance sequence in 1937’s Way Out West, and the avant-garde filmmaker Len Lye’s 1958 short film Free Radicals.

And if they weren’t, watch the videos anyway. Your life is not complete without seeing them both.

Laurel and Hardy – Way Out West

I suggest watching this next film, Free Radicals, full-screen on YouTube – sound turned up, in the dark – to fully surrender to its magic. This film was created by scratching directly into the film emulsion.

Len Lye – Free Radicals

Cleary Connolly>>
– Kerry County Museum>>
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"Dammit, give me the science!" Here you go: Perception of Human Motion by Randolph Blake and Maggie Shifran (Opens PDF directly), Princeton>>

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