“No art has ever been the truth…”

"No art has ever been the truth..."
Willem Dafoe in Richard 
Foreman’s play "Idiot Savant." 

Richard Foreman is an avant-garde theater artist:

"No art has ever been the truth, because it has to leave out 90 percent of life. And if you’re not talking about all of life, you’re not talking about the truth, you’re talking about a distortion. So art is a perspective; all perspectives are lies about the total truth; so art is a lie that, because it is strategically chosen, wakes people up. The truth is in the audience’s – the individual’s – awakened perceptions. It’s not in the work of art." – Richard Foreman

– Richard Foreman, Theaterelch>>
– Richard Foreman, Wikipedia>>
– Still Bouncing Off the Fun House Walls, The New York Times>>

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