Meet Dan Kaufman, compulsive liar

Meet Dan Kaufman, compulsive liar
"I’m a bad person, I’m crazy, I’m sick in the head."

The above quote might be one of the few honest things he’s said recently.

He is Dan Kaufman, Dan Kay, Dan Katze. He is a celebrity chef, an internet entrepreneur, a television producer. He has worked for Apple, Google, AOL, the Rainbow Room. He hangs out with Steve Case, Gordon Ramsey, Tim Armstrong. He’s a world-class surfer, a AAA baseball legend, the founder of a seminal punk band. He’s one of the more persistent and obsessive grifters to ply the streets of New York Citynot to mention online dating sitesin recent decades.

And he’d like you to invest in his scheme to restore trust and credibility to the internet.

Read more: The Montauk Grifter: How One Con Man Used OkCupid for Fun, Fraud, and Profit, Gawker>>

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7 thoughts on “Meet Dan Kaufman, compulsive liar

  1. Not sure if this website is still active but wanted to post the update that this man was jailed again and released, and his now up to his old ways, this time posing as an architect named Dan Nadler.

  2. Was in Vermont November 2018 posing as architect Dan Nadler. Seems there’s an entire FaceBook page devoted to exposing him, supported by women who have been swindled and lied to.

  3. I’d like to find out the name of his parole officer. I was conned by him too.

  4. I’d like to find out the name of his parole officer. And the Facebook group. I was conned by him too.

  5. I had several phone conversations with him, and much texting back and forth. He sent me pictures of himself on job sites, and of his imaginary cargo homes, including “his” home in Vermont. When he canceled a third attempt at meeting I texted that I didn’t wish to pursue “this” any further. SO happy we never met. What a fucked up guy! After I read the Post piece ( or the Daily News, can’t remember) I looked in my contacts, and I still have his number, if anyone wants it. This should be on Dr.Phil!

  6. He kept canceling dates on me. Thank GOD. I’d like to get the POS on Dr. Phil. Anyone know how I can contact the FB group and make it happen?

  7. OMG!!!! I met him on OKCupid when I lived in NYC… it was probably around 2013? Any way it was right before he went to jail and he said that he was going on a work assignment in Israel!????I was then contacted by a FB group and we had a blast sharing stories!!! This was a different FB group. He was going by the name of Daniel Eric… I added my name to a list the prison website has to keep you updated on criminals and their release dates and knew that he was released a few years ago. I can’t believe he’s up to the same old tricks!! I knew he was full of shit on our first date!! Nothing added up…

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