The industrial robot face painter

The industrial robot face painter
This child is about to have a mask 
painted on his face by a robot.
(Face obscured for legal reasons.)

The University of Michigan is testing a robotic arm that can alter a human face. This "robotic face painter" is built from a Kuka KR100 HA L90 industrial arm.  The participant’s body is strapped down so he or she does not move, which could cause injuries if the face moves too close to the robot.

Sensors map the face’s contours and the robot "paints" the face using brushes. The team from Taubman College of Arts and Architecture is trying to increase the machine’s accuracy so that realistic looking masks of a human face can be painted over an existing face.

The industrial robot face painter
Right now, the brushes are crude, but the team 
envisions future applications using liquid latex 
that can create an entirely new face realistic
enough to fool experts at close range.

Read the comment section for more information directly from the design team.

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  1. Robot Paints Human is an elaborate hoax that was done as an experiment in using media to spread ideas about design. Thank you for the attention paid and we apologize for the deployment of misinformation in service of our design experiment.

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