Guys: get a married women drunk to get laid

Guys: get a married women drunk to get laid
 Married? Check. 
Losing self-awareness? Check…

Okay, it’s stretching the following research implications to assume that a man has a better chance of sleeping with a woman if she’s married and less self-aware, but it might help him deceive her.

Professor Julian Keenan studies deception in the human brain at Montclair State University, and has done research that shows why a self-aware single woman is better at detecting deception.

From the book Brain Trust:

First, Keenan found that people who are more self-aware are better at spotting deception in others. (Note: this does not necessarily mean that by becoming more self-aware, you would increase your lie-detection skills. Beware the jabberwocky of correlation and causation.)

But check this out: Keenan also found that single women are much better than women in committed relationships at detecting male deception. While this may be a news flash, it makes sense from an evolutionary perspective: If you’re in a long-term relationship, you no longer need to be as edgy around guys who could very well be talking a big game about love and family and commitment in hopes of winning a one-night stand. You’re not only out of practice but also lack the proper motivation, and have accordingly lost your edge.

Via: Who’s the best at spotting deception? Barking up the wrong tree, Bakadesuyo>>

From the book Brain Trust: 93 Top Scientists Reveal Lab-Tested Secrets to Surfing, Dating, Dieting, Gambling, Growing Man-Eating Plants, and More! by Garth Sundem>>

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